Site Media

Your design and site layout as well as the media, from images to video, that your site features reflect your voice. This Center outlines how to manage your design and media!

Site Design

    • From your logo to the mask texture over images, we explain the various elements of your design

Your Homepage

    • The importance of curating your homepage and using it to showcase compelling content


    • What is in your footer and how you change it

Image Guidance

    • For your header as well as various pages, good images are super important for your users' experience

Front-End Editing

  • Customize your event descriptions and pages with our easy to use front-end editor!

Photo Slideshow

    • An essential part of event coverage, this explains how to setup a slideshow

Customized Pages

    • Want to make a list page look awesome? Check out this guidance

    • If you want some HTML basics, we have this guide.