What is the Venues Tab?

The Venues tab in Radmin is where you can search and manage all the Venues on your site. You have quick access to Venue details and info, along with any Scrapers that are associated with the Venue.

Navigating the Venues Page

When you click on the Venues tab, you will see a page with all the Venues in your metro sorted by most recently added.

To find the Venue you’re looking for, click on search bar at the top of the page. In the drop-down that appears, you will be able to search by Venue title keyword, or filter by Venue Category (if applicable) or neighborhood (if applicable).

If you want add/edit Venue categories and neighborhoods, you can do so on the Venue details page (see below).

In the list of results, you will see the Venue Title, the Scraper(s) associated with this Venue, and the Facebook URL (if any). Clicking on a Scraper will open the Scraper’s details page in a new tab. You will also see the RED and GREEN bubbles that link to the Media Search function. Media Searches work the same way for Venues as they do for Artists, except there is no tab for YouTube videos.

To the right of each result, you will also see the following icons relating to that Venue:

  • Magnifying glass: View the Venue's details page in Radmin

  • Pencil: Edit the Venue's details in Radmin

  • Link: Open the Venue's homepage in a new tab

If you the Venue you are looking for doesn't exist yet, you can add it by clicking "New Venue" in the top right and filling out all the relevant details.

Venue Details

When you click on an Venue's name or magnifying glass, you will be taken to that Venue's details page in Radmin.

Here you will see all the info that goes into the Venue profile page on the front-end, including description, cover image, social media IDs, location, and contact info. You can also view any Scrapers associated with the Venue.

In the top right corner of the Venue details page, you will also see the ever-present cog icon signifying a quick-access menu. By clicking on the cog, you can easily view the Venue's profile page on your site or access all upcoming Events for that Venue in Radmin.

Want more?

Want to learn more about how Events are pulled in for the Venues on your site? Click here to learn about adding and managing Scrapers.