What is the Images Tab?

The Images tab in Radmin is where you set all the default images for your site, including the logos, default hero images, and the texture that overlays on cover images. For the proper dimensions for each, visit Site Design Best Practices.

    • Logo URL: The primary logo image for your site's header

    • Mobile Logo URL: The logo image that will appear on mobile screens

    • Background Texture URL: The texture that appears over cover images

    • Image Opacity: Set the opacity of the texture image to make it darker or lighter

    • Header: The header image on your site's homepage

    • Default Hero: The default cover image that appears on pages with no attached cover image

    • Share Image: The default image that gets shared on Facebook if there is no cover image

    • Favicon URL: The tiny icon that appears in browser tabs and bookmarks, usually 16x16 pixels

What is the Images Tab?

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