Approved Events

What is the Approved Queue?

The Approved queue is where you can view and edit Events that are live on your site -- both past and upcoming.

Events appear here after they are approved in the Pending queue, or if they are manually created by a user. User-created Events do not have to be approved by an Admin and will be posted live to the site immediately.

Sorting and Searching Approved Events

By default your Approved queue is sorted by date created — newest to oldest. You can also sort your queue by Event date and Popularity rating by clicking on the corresponding columns.

Clicking on a column a second time will reverse the order, high-to-low or low-to-high.


Clicking on the Filters drop-down in the top-right corner of the Approved queue will reveal a number of advanced options for searching and filtering through your Events. Learning how to use these options effectively will save you a lot of time in accessing and editing your Events.

  • Title: Type in keywords to search by Event title

  • Presented By: Type in keywords to search by presenter

  • Venue: Type in keywords to search by Venue

  • Date: Use the calendar drop-down to search by a specific date

  • Category: Use the drop-down to filter by Event Category

  • User Created: Check this box to view only Events that were added manually by users

  • Past Events: Check this box to view only Events that occurred in the past

  • Has a slideshow: Check this box to view only Events that have a photo slideshow attached

  • Is advertised: Check this box to view only Events that are promoted on the site

  • Free: Check this box to view only Events that are marked as free

    • Pro tip: This is especially helpful for finding cool Events to feature on your FREE list

  • Promo Type: Use these buttons to filter by a specific type promoted Event

  • Event Type: Use these buttons to toggle between single-day Events, repeating Events, and ongoing Events

Searching Past Events

To search for past Events, the "Past Events" box must be checked in the Filters drop-down. If this box is not checked, only upcoming Events will be displayed in the queue. If it is checked, only past Events will be shown.

The Cog Menu

Wherever you see the cog icon in Radmin, you'll find a drop-down of quick-access menu items. The Approved queue is no different.

Clicking on the cog to the far right of the Approved queue will display a number of options for enhancing or editing an Event.

  • Advertise: Create a Featured Event ad for this Event

  • Giveaway: Create a ticket Giveaway for this Event

    • RSVP: Create an RSVP for this Event

    • Slideshow: Add a photo Slideshow to this Event

    • Voting: Managing promo user voting for this Event

    • Merge: Merge this Event with another Event

    • Copy: Copy the details from this Event to create a new Event

    • View: View this Event page on your site

    • Delete: Delete this Event

Creating New Events

The Approved queue is also where you can manually add new Events directly in Radmin. To manually create an Event, click the "New Event" button in the top-right of the Approved queue screen.

Fill out all relevant info in the New Event form, click "Save", and the Event will automatically appear live on the site and in your Approved queue.

Want more?

Want to learn more about adding Events to your site? Click here to learn about approving new Events in the Pending queue and merging duplicate Events in the Duplicates queue.