Ad Weights

What Are Ad Weights?

Ad weights are used exclusively with brand ads to determine how often a specific ad should be displayed on your site.

Unlike Featured Event ads, which scroll by every few seconds in the Featured Events widget, only one brand ad can be shown in each location per page view. Rather than picking a random ad or displaying them all equally, our ad platform uses ad weights to determine the percentage of times each brand ad should be shown.

By using ad weights and a reliable estimate of your upcoming monthly traffic, you can accurately sell brand ad packages based on your expected inventory for the month.

Calculating Ad Weights

When you first create a new brand ad, you will be required to enter an ad weight. This should be a number between 1 and 99 and represents the amount of times the ad will be displayed in that location out of every 100 page views. For example, entering '20' as the weight for a new Top Right brand ad means the ad will now show up in the Top Right space 20% of the time.

After you save your new brand ad, the ad weights of the other active ads in that location will be updated automatically. In Radmin, you no longer have to recalculate all weights every time you create a new ad or edit an existing ad. All other weights will be adjusted proportionally based on the new ad weight so that they all add up to 100.

For example, say you have three ads currently running and they're all weighted equally. If you change one of the ads (Ad 1) to be weighed at 50, the other two will automatically update to 25 each.

NOTE: You should NEVER enter '0' or '100' as ad weights. Doing this can cause your entire ad inventory to go haywire. If you want to pause an active ad, or a number of active ads, you can use the "pause" icon or set the ad to inactive on the details page.

You can edit an ad's weight as many times as you like throughout the life of the campaign. This can be particularly helpful if you miscalculated the expected page views for the month and need to increase (or decrease) the number of times a certain ad will be shown to match your ad agreement.

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