Ad Reports

Our Ad Reports are intended to be the quickest and easiest way to pull all the performance data you need for ads that run on your metro site and ECPs. Ad Reports allow you to view the impressions, hovers and clicks for a particular ad (or set of ads) over a certain period of time.

Generating an Ad Report

To generate an Ad Report, go to Radmin -> Advertising and click the chart icon next to any ad.

On the next screen, select the Advertiser for whom you'd like to pull a report.

    • Please note that Ad Reports are tied to Advertisers, not to specific events or ads.

      • Unsure which Advertiser an ad is tied to? You can always head back to Radmin -> Advertising and search the ad by its Ad Name and Location using the search filter. Just make sure to check the Include Inactive box if the ad you're searching for is no longer live.

      • If you'd ever like to include (or exclude) certain ads within a given report, you can always change the Advertiser to which any ad is tied, even if the ad has already passed. Just use the filtering feature pictured above to find the ad - then edit it as normal.

Once you have selected the desired Advertiser, the Ad Report will refresh to show that Advertiser's ad stats over the last 30 days.

Want to view stats for a different time period? Adjust the dates on the top-right of the screen - and then click Reload to view your desired data.

    • Please note that, unlike what happens when the Advertiser is changed, the ad stats will not automatically adjust once dates have been changed. You will need to hit the Reload button to see the correct stats over the new desired dates.

    • Also, please note that you may only view ad stats across a 100-day interval at any given time. If you'd like to generate a report for an Advertiser that encompasses a longer time period than that, you'll need to pull the report in sections.

      • The reason for this is that compiling ad reports for wide date ranges is taxing on our system, so we have this safety check in place to prevent any issues that may slow down our entire system (and therefore, your sites).

Once you've loaded the proper ad stats for the desired Advertiser and time period, you may either copy and paste the stats directly from the page, or hit the Export button to download a .CSV of the stats.

In the same way that you would view and download data from Facebook Insights or MailChimp, our Ad Reports give you the requisite data for you to combine with other channel data (email, social, etc.) to tell a compelling story of what you delivered to the advertiser during a given campaign. They are not intended to replace campaign recaps you would send to an advertiser.

Want recap templates for your metro? Reach out to, and we’ll be happy to steer you in the right direction.