General Manager

Your General Manager is generally responsible (no redundancy intended :) for new business development and sales, audience development, program delivery, and operational maintenance. The GM follows the guidance of your Managing Partner and guides your Content Manager.

The following documents are linked as templates for you to copy and edit to your specifications when you need to hire a new GM and review GM responsibilities.

Job Description

This example job posting has served successfully in other markets to recruit the right candidate.

Comprehensive Responsibilities

This document outlines in detail what your GM role entails. You can edit as needed and review before hiring a new GM and review with your GM as needed.

Hire Assessment

We have a template to use as an assessment when interviewing candidates to review key qualities and skills important to the General Manager role. You can make a copy for each candidate for comparison. Recall that we at DoStuff also offer to run a targeted assessment as well.

Offer Letter

When you are ready to officially make a hire, this offer letter can serve as a template for you to adapt as needed.