Content Manager

The Content Manager is in charge of creating and maintaining all of the event listings on your site, managing all of your social media channels, hiring and managing interns, generating email blasts and fulfilling advertising / promotional campaigns. It’s a lot of work, and for this reason, the #1 attribute that we look for in Content Managers is a high level of organization.

The following documents are linked as templates for you to copy and edit to your specifications when you need to hire a new CM, define your CM role, and guide where the CM spends time on tasks:

Job Description:

Here is an example job description written by a former CM and based off of the traditional CM role.


Content Managers around the network generally start with salaries between $30K - $40K. CMs generally conduct yearly reviews with their site's Managing Partners and General Managers - and at that time are considered for performance-based raises.


What does a Content Manager actually do? Read this document to get a more complete picture. The document also includes an hour-by-hour breakdown of the foundational Content Manager 45-hour work week.

Hiring Guidance:

Here are DoStuff, we have a lot of experience hiring, training, and working with Content Managers. We'll work with your team through every step of the hiring process to make sure that you hire the best possible person for the role. Please reach out to us at any time with questions about the position.

Offer Letter:

When you are ready to officially make a hire, this offer letter can serve as a template for you to adapt as needed.

Example Resumes:

Here are the application resumes from two of the network's most successful Content Managers: Katie from Chicago and Angelica from Los Angeles.