A strong operational team set-up is essential to your success. Through our experience, we have seen different operational structures that have worked and that have not worked. Our recommendation based on this experience for the first stage of a metro business is to establish a core team of a General Manager and a Content Manager guided by a Managing Partner and with assistance from interns. We offer direct help through your hiring process as well.

Stage 1: Team Structure

Managing Partner (MP) - The boss and backbone of your new metro business, you select a Managing Partner to represent your owner team in directly supporting and coaching your General Manager and Content Manager.

General Manager (GM) - The business lead for strategizing sales, growing users, utilizing different partnership tools we have available, etc.

Content Manager (CM) - The go-to for the more technical daily tasks of maintaining and improving the site and your outbound communications (email, social media, etc.).

Interns can also be a great help getting things done, especially to the Content Manager.

Additional Stages

As your metro business grows, your human resource needs will grow as well. Based on our experience,we have additional recommendations for how to structure that growth.

See this general chart that defines the different stages based on revenue and team structures: