Hiring Help

Arguably, the most important decision that goes into growing and sustaining a business is whom you hire. The decision is rarely easy given that you can target what is needed for a role but cannot readily predict a person’s fit based on his/her background, knowledge, and skills. Making the right decision has huge benefits: awesome productivity, team coherence, an expanded network, etc. Making the wrong decision has dire consequences: loss in productivity, loss in morale, poor team communication, damaged relationships, etc. So how to get better, if not perfect, at making hiring decisions?

Our mission at DoStuff is to provide you with awesome support so that your metro business can survive and thrive. One of the ways we recognize that we can provide better support is through the hiring process. We have extensive experience given our many years and many metros that have both succeeded and failed. We have taken note of what has worked and what hasn’t in the types of people hired for various roles and are translating those thoughts into a systematized process by which we can assess candidates to join your team.

I. It’s Your Business

We offer you our support in hiring, not to take over your hiring (we have plenty else to do!). You know your city and have a strong idea of your business needs. You will meet your candidates face to face. All that said, you will ultimately make your own decision based on many factors. However, we can provide you proven means of assessing candidates and run your top candidates through some exercises that will give a clearer idea of their fit for the role. You can then use our review as you see fit to make your decision.

As your business grows, your human resource needs will also grow. We have projected new hire needs based on the stage of your metro that you can review when you approach a new stage. Our structure is by no means exhaustive or mandatory. It is simply a suggestion based on how we have seen our current cities grow.

II. Hiring Process

The time to start looking for the right people for your team is... always. Maintaining a pipeline of candidates in a special CRM Asana project (or whatever you use for CRM) is a good way to keep track of the awesome people that you meet that could ultimately be of value as part of your team.

Step 1: Review all DoStuff related documents to your team and the role that you need filled. Most are also included below.

Step 2: Use your CRM to contact those that might fit, post your job description, and share it with your network. DoStuff has sample job descriptions available for your General Manager, Content Manager, and Internship openings.

Posting a job description only goes so far. We recommend that you not only post but also “poach.” Use your contacts at agencies/media companies to discover talented, ambitious candidates who have the track record and cred that indicates they could be a good fit. Just because they are employed doesn’t mean they are out of your reach.

*Let us know directly if you want more clarification about how we define stages.

Step 3: Once you’ve got ideally 2-4 great candidates to choose from, DoStuff can pop into the process. Get us in touch with the candidates to run them through a standardized “tests” that will assess how well they will work within either the platform or certain business exercises. We will provide you with the tests beforehand so you know what your candidates will experience and you can better understand our recommendation when we get back to you.

Step 4: You review our recommendation and make your choice! We have templates for your offer letters:

If these templates work for you, you can adapt them for your other positions.

Once that person accepts their offer, add them to the DoPeople CRM project in Asana so we can get them connected with all DoStuff updates, add them to relevant Asana projects, etc. Also, please let us know when that person plans to begin working so that we can schedule appropriate training as needed.

III. What Comes Next?

​If you have any questions or concerns about this, please let us know. Otherwise, the next time you anticipate hiring a new Doer, give us a heads up.

Hiring the right person is kind of like launching a rocket: a millimeter off during launch leads to miles off target in orbit. Our experience can improve the accuracy of your decision and thus really help to target your metro’s success. ​