Communication with DoStuff

We want to give you the best possible support so that you can build the best possible business for your community. Your communication with us is key to making that happen. These guidelines will help you direct and target your needs so that we can address them most effectively. When you direct and target your communication with us more effectively, we are better able to give you answers, push through fixes, and make BIG long-term improvements.

I. What is your need?

How you communicate with us depends on what it is you need. We hope to provide you with extensive and useful resources that are immediately available via our LearnStuff explanations and timely updates.

But when you don’t find an answer in those places, you can message us directly via email, phone, or Asana.

For business support related needs that are more nuanced and specific, reach out directly to support by email or by phone.

For product related stuff, such as issues on your site or improvements you’d like to see, you can reach out via email or through our Asana Do Stuff DoStuff queue. But before doing so, please check out the following to help us help you better.

II. Why does this not seem to be working?

There are potentially a variety of causes to issues you may find on your site or in Admin. Those include:

  1. Slow connection speed

  2. Browser issue/history

  3. Design issues (Custom CSS that breaks site functionality)

  4. Set-up within the parameters of how our platform works

    • Ex. On an event page, you cannot link to the venue page. Is the venue not marked as “Official”? If it is not an official venue, it will not have its own page.

    • Ex. An event disappears! There is now another event at that venue on the same day. This was likely caused by mismanagement of the dupes queue.

  5. Bugs that contradict how our platform should work

    • Ex. Your RSVP is set-up 100% correctly, but it does not close at the determined time and send the list to your partner.

  6. System errors that cause page errors/crashes

The first 3 causes are those that you can address independently. In the case of #3, you may need the help of a contract designer or someone proficient in HTML/CSS. The fourth potential cause you should be able to troubleshoot using prior knowledge or HelpDesk.

Once you eliminate #s 1-4, causes #5 and #6 are those for which you should get in touch with us.

III. Where do I direct an issue?

When you need to get in touch with DoStuff about something that is broken, you can either

Either way, we will address the issue in a timely manner. If the issue is relevant to the whole network, it will be input in the DSD queue and you will be added as a follower.

IV. What’s the best way to explain an issue?

So that we can get you the best answer as quickly as possible, it is important for you to explain the issue effectively. Best practices for communicating with us include:

  1. Explain what you are experiencing step-by-step

  2. Direct us to where you are experiencing it by giving a link

  3. Show us the issue with a screenshot

  4. Let us know what you are trying to accomplish in case there is a workaround

Use your judgment as to communicating the level of urgency. If your site is down, it’s obviously HIGH. If you have a meeting with an ECP partner in the afternoon and you find an issue with their user in the morning, it’s reasonably high. If this random event three months from now isn’t showing up on the homepage for that day, it’s lower.

V. What if it’s a suggestion that something should work differently?

Under recognizing issues, #4 indicates that there may be something in the set-up of our platform that works correctly but confuses you. Maybe you get hung-up on a process in Admin. After referencing HelpDesk and figuring it out, you just know that it could be made simpler. Great! This isn’t an issue as much as an opportunity.

Similarly, maybe there is something that you can’t do on your site that you think would be valuable to add. This is also an opportunity.

We are constantly working to improve to give you the best, most common-sensical platform to support your ultimate product: getting people to do awesome stuff. We want to hear your input about how we can improve. The best place for your suggestions is at the top of the DSD queue.

Before adding your request, search the project for related items that another Doer might have entered. If you find one, you can heart and add a comment to the original to endorse it.

VI. What happens in the DSD queue?

After a new item is added, we will add it to one of the following buckets:

  1. PROJECTS - we'll move it here if your request falls into a larger project that we have planned then we'll close out the individual ticket and point you to the project so you can follow along there

  2. BUGS - we'll move it here if it's something not working

  3. REQUESTS - we'll move it here if it is a tweak or change to functionality

  4. CLARIFICATION - we'll move it here if we need more info from you or someone here at DoStuff

In PROJECTS, BUGS and REQUESTS, we will be working on them roughly in the order in which they are listed.

VII. What determines priority?

--- The affect on you and/or users. i.e. something broken that makes site unusable for users will get fixed fast. For others, you can show support via hearts.

--- Input from DoStuff delivery team (Kristin, Katie, Justin, Stuart & Adi).

--- Our longer term vision for building the product around which you can build a cultural institution that dominates your city for decades.

VIII. How do I know when it’s getting worked on?

Once we decide to work on it, we will move the ticket to "GONE TO DEV:" at which point you can expect it to be completed within ~3 months (obviously if it's something causing real problems it will be done much faster).

We will comment with updates on the task and close it when complete.