Giveaway Creation

I. Introduction

Giveaways are a simple tool to engage your fans and increase their love for your site because you provide them with the chance to win awesome events stuff, most often tickets to shows.

Setting up and managing a Giveaway is a straightforward process with various options to fulfill you and your partner’s needs, such as opt-in questions.

II. Navigation

A. To Create

Step 1: In Admin, go to your “Events” tab under the “Main” tab.

Step 2: To create a Giveaway, open the event’s page.

Step 3: Click “Set Up Giveaway” in the sidebar. This will open the Giveaway set-up modal.

B. To View

Step 1: To view current Giveaways, you can go to your “Events” tab and filter all current Giveaways by checking “Giveaways only” in the sidebar.

Step 2: To view a current Giveaway’s set-up, go to the event’s page and click “Edit Giveaway” in the sidebar. This will open the same creation modal as it was completed.

C. To Manage

Step 1: To manage a Giveaway, you can either click “View Giveaway” in the sidebar of the event page, which will only show that Giveaway

-OR- go to the “Promo” tab and select “Giveaways” in the secondary set of tabs, which will show all of the current week’s Giveaways.

Step 2: You can filter by event date and/or title in the sidebar.

Step 3: Open the Giveaways winner selection modal by clicking the “# votes” under the “Notify Winners” column.

*Note: Clicking the event title will navigate you to the event page.

Step 4: This modal will display all votes on the event by user name, email, whether an All-Star/Tastemaker, the number of other events the user has voted on, and when the user last won if ever.

*Note: This list includes users who voted before the event was set-up as a Giveaway so as not to exclude those who liked the event initially.

Step 5: The “Winner” check column saves which winners are chosen, and the “Confirmed” check shows those who have confirmed.

III. Creation

Step 1: In Admin, open the event’s page.

Step 2: Select “Set Up Giveaway” in the sidebar.

Step 3: Enter the contents of the Giveaway (“Click to win a pair of tix!”) in the “Special Offer” field.

Step 4: Ignore the “Long Offer” field.

Step 5: In the “Giveaways Email(s)” field, enter the addresses of those to whom the list of winners should send, such as the venue or promoter.

Step 6: Enter the total number of Giveaways available in the “Giveaway Spots” field.

EX. For 3 pairs of tickets, there will be 3 total winners and you will enter “3”

Step 7: For any special question you or the promoter would like to ask, enter it into the “Giveaway Question” field.

Step 8: Check “Giveaway Opt In?” if the partner would like to collect email addresses from entrants.

Step 9: Describe the opt-in in the “Giveaway Opt In text” field.

EX. “Yes, I’d like updates from Sweet Spot Bar!”

Step 10: If the partner or your metro would like to collect info on the zipcode and birthdate of entrants, check those fields.

Step 11: From the "Minimum Age" dropdown, select the minimum age of users either necessary for entry or for collecting data about your users relevant to alcohol sponsors.

Step 12: In most cases, you will keep “Ask if Minimum Age?” checked to ensure you are giving away tickets to those of age and so that you can collect user data for sponsorships.

Step 13: If under age users should not be able to enter the Giveaway, check "Force Minimum Age?"

Step 12: In the “Giveaway End Date” field, enter the date at which the Giveaway will close and winners will be selected.

Step 13: To change the “Like” button text, enter whatever you would like it to be in the “Giveaway Like Button Text” field.

Step 14: Click "Create."

Step 15: Review the event on the site to ensure the Giveaway is set-up accurately.

IV. Management

We have an easy management modal for choosing, contacting, and confirming Giveaway winners.

Step 1: On the event page, click “View Giveaway” to manage the single Giveaway

-OR- go to the “Promo” tab and then the “Giveaways” tab to see the Giveaways overview page, which displays all Giveaways set for the next week.

Step 2: Click “# votes” under the “Notify Winners” column.

Step 3: Choose the winner(s) by checking beside the name in the “Winner” column.

Step 4: Once you have chosen all winners, select “Notify Winners.”

Step 5: Review the winner notification email and select “Send” when ready to send.

Step 6: When the user replies that they will attend, return to the “Notify Winners” modal and check beside their name under the “Confirmed” column.

Step 7: When all winners have been chosen and confirmed, click the “Email List” button in the “Notify Venue” column on the Giveaways overview page. This will send the winner list to the email entered in the Giveaway set-up.

Note: You can use the social media icons under the “Share” column in the overview page to remind you to post about Giveaways. You can use the “Notes” to input any particular notes regarding the Giveaway.

V. Troubleshooting

  • To create a Giveaway, either the “Special Offer” or “Giveaway Like Button Text” fields must be filled out.

  • You CANNOT create a Giveaway for an active RSVP event.

  • For Giveaway creation, an event must have a title + category + venue + start date.