Using Google Analytics To Drive Meaningful Growth (Part 3: The Best of the Network)

This article assumes that you've already read Using Google Analytics To Drive Meaningful Growth (Part 2: Your Content). If you haven't already done so, please do so before reading this.

The Network Stats View

The network stats Google Analytics account tracks the same data as your local account, but for the entire network. 

To switch to the stats account:
  • Navigate to Google Analytics
  • Click your currently-selected property
  • Type "stats" in the resulting search bar
  • Select the / stats account.

Top-Performing Content

Once in the network stats account, head on over to Behavior -> Site Content -> All Pages to see the highest-trafficked pages from around the network within a given time range. You can also apply this segment to filter out ECPs and festival sites from these pages.

Next, just as we did for your local account in the previous article, select Content Grouping: Page Type to roll up the various pages by type. Then, select a page type to see all the top-performing instances of that type from around the network.

Every city should make a habit to regularly check the top-performing editorial pages (articles) and user pages (lists) from around the network, and then replicate what they can in their city. We especially recommend:
  • Viewing the top-performing pages in each category for the past year, to see what evergreen pages produced the best results
  • Viewing the top-performing pages for the next two months last year (and the year before), to see what pages had the best results for the approaching season

Now that you're a Google Analytics rockstar, you're all ready to go forth and lead the network's content charge. Please reach out to Support if you have any questions or would like anything added to these articles!