List Users & Auto Voting

Many of the most popular pages on our sites, like Top Picks, Big On Sales and Free Events, are what we call "user lists" - user pages tied to internal email addresses (eg -

Every city should push out new and updated user lists on a regular basis. These include seasonal lists like "Halloween" or "New Year's Eve" and evergreen lists like "Top Events", "Just Announced" and "Free."

Here's how to build an awesome user list. We'll use 'Top Events' as our example.

Creating The List User

The first step is to register the list user on your site. To do so:
  • Go to Radmin -> People -> All Users
  • Click the 'New User' button in the top right of the page
  • Fill out the following fields for this user:
    • Name: The Best Concerts & Events in (City)
    • Email: (where DoXYZ is your metro name)
    • Password: Something easy to remember that is also secure.
    • Display Name: The Best Concerts & Events in (City)
    • Description: You'll want to include a concise explanation of what this list features (the best events in your city) and also an invitation for people to submit their own events and pro tips to for consideration.
    • Check the 'Auto Vote' and 'List' boxes (more on these later).
    • Cover Image: Upload a text-free, 1200 x 450 image to serve as the background for the user's header on your site.
    • Check the 'Event Editor' box so that you can log in with this user on your site for easier maintenance.
    • Personalized URL: use 'best-concerts-and-events-in-city' so that the user is accessible via the URL ''.
  • Save the user. 
Optimizing Your Page Title & Description For SEO

Stellar titles and URLs can contribute greatly to the organic search ranking of a user list.

When titling your list, we recommend starting by asking the following question: What would I search if I had the question that this page is built to answer? It's also always best to include the name of your city in the page's title if possible, and to omit superfluous words.

We generally recommend including your whole page's title in the permalink, with words separated by hyphens: eg,

Adding Events To The List User

There are three ways to add events to list users - and you'll likely want to leverage all three for most of your lists.

1. Logging in with the user on the front end of your site

You'll want to make sure that your top events user includes all of the best events happening in your city. To maintain the utmost value for this user, you won't want to add events to it just for the sake of adding them -- so there is no minimum number of events that the user should have. Similarly, there's no maximum number of events to have for a single day, as long as all the events featured on the list are outstanding.

To make sure you include all the best events happening in the near future (the next 2 or so weeks), you ought to have a repeating Asana task set up to remind you to log in with this user twice per week and add events via the front end of your site.

To add events via the front end, go to and sign in with the user's email and password. Then, scan through each of your upcoming days' events, starting with 'today', and up-vote any ones that you want to add to the user. Up-voting an event will automatically add it to the user's profile page. Conversely, you can navigate to the user's profile at any time while you're logged in and hit the checked box to un-add the event.

2. Voting on events from Radmin

Whenever an awesome event comes through the pending queue or duplicates queue, it's best to add it to any of your relevant lists right when you see it. To do so:
  • Click on the COG wheel to the right of the event
  • Click 'Voting'
  • Select the user's email address to which you'd like to add the event
  • Save it.

You can vote on events in Radmin via the pending queue, duplicates queue, Radmin -> Events -> Approved, Radmin -> Events -> Search, and more.

Pro tip: Since event popularity is so closely coupled with artist records, there may be awesome non-music events that would make great 'Top Events' hanging out in the bottom of your event listings. One great way to quickly check through each day's events and see if any events (A) could use a slight popularity boost so they're more visible and (B) could be good fodder for user lists, email, or social highlights is to click the calendar icon in the top left of Radmin and select a given day to see all events sorted in order of popularity:

... then navigate to the last page of events to see the ones with the lowest popularity. Who knows, maybe you'll find a diamond in the rough!

3. 'Auto Voting' On Events

All users who have their 'Auto Vote' box checked in Radmin will automatically add all of the events from both artists they follow and venues they follow to their profiles. In the case of your Top Events user, you may always want to add all of a certain artist's or venue's shows. An example of such a venue would be a waterfront park who throws 4 awesome shows per year (and nothing more).

To follow an artist or venue on your site:
  • Log in with the user on the front end of your site
  • Search for the Artist or Venue you want to follow
  • Click the 'Follow' button on their page.

Our auto vote workers run once a night to vote on events from all the artists and venues that users have followed. If you create a list and want your user's artists' events to populate immediately, please hit up DoStuff and we will manually run them.

Also note that our system has no memory of events which have been added and then removed from your user list. If your user is following a band that pulls in an unwanted show, the only way to permanently remove that show is to remove that show and then either stop following that band for that user or turn off the auto voting feature for that user.

Giveaways Page

Your giveaways page is like a normal user list in every way except for the fact that any event with an active giveaway will be added to the page immediately - and that event will only be removed once the start date of the respective event passes. If you'd like to manually remove an event from the giveaways page, you can do so by logging in with the user on the front end and un-voting on the event, in the same way you would for a normal list user.

RSVPs Page

Please note that your 'All RSVPs' page, accessible at, is not a user list. All events with RSVPs are automatically added to this page - so it requires no manual upkeep (making it all the better for featuring).

FAQ: Why does my user list have two of the same event?

You may notice the occasional duplicate event on a user list. The reason for this is, because there are a variety of different ways to add events to a user list, it is possible to accidentally add the same event twice (or more) times to a single user. To fix this:
  • Login with the user on the front end
  • Un-vote on one of the editions of the event
  • Hard refresh on the user's page to verify that all the editions of the event are removed
  • Search for the event on the front end
  • Up-vote the event once
  • Go back to the user's page and hard refresh on it to verify that it now only displays one edition of the event
When To Use Articles vs. User Lists:

We recommend user lists for collections of events and articles for collections of places.

The exceptions to this rule are:
  • We recommend articles whenever highlighting a collection of 10 events or less (eg - "The 10 Best Things To Do on New Year's Eve")
  • We recommend user lists whenever highlighting a big collection of places that all have their own events (eg - "CMJ 2020 Events by Venue")
Please reach out to Support if you're ever unsure which format of editorial page to use.