Tips & Resources For Finding Rad Events

It is of paramount importance that all email producers maintain the following habits throughout their tenure sending daily emails for their city to be set up for the best possible success:

  • Get on the email lists for all publicists, promoters, restaurant groups, venues, etc.

    • This is necessary for not only sourcing the best possible information and promotions but also saving you a lot of time by letting so much of the information come to you.

  • Maintain inbox zero and all of the approaches to email inbox management outlined in these articles.

    • This process only works if you’re staying on top of your inbox. It’s essential for keeping in dialogue with other entertainment community stakeholders and ensuring that each day’s email reflects all relevant announcements and updates.

  • Set up Google Alerts for key phrases like "festival", “restaurant opening”, "pop-up" and "tour announcement”.

  • Maintain Feedly feeds to track trending content and announcements in your city.

    • The free version of Feedly gives you three different feeds: We recommend creating:

      • one for local music (local blogs, radio stations, etc)

      • one for local news (your local news stations like KXAN, local media properties like The Seattle Times)

      • one for national media properties (Consequence of Sound, XXL, Rolling Stone, etc)

  • Create Twitter Lists to track real-time updates across different local and national themes.

    • Similar to Feedly, Twitter Lists have the advantage of aggregating content from Twitter handles that aren’t tied to websites (just as Feedly has the alternate advantage of sourcing from websites that might not have great Twitters).

    • Two other advantages of Twitter lists are that: 

  • Follow all relevant local (music, food, culture, cannabis, etc) bloggers, photographers, and influencers on Instagram -- plus all relevant hashtags like #nashvilleeats and #nashvillefoodie.

    • Your Instagram Feed should be poppin’ with rad stuff to feature in your emails.

    • This also is a great way to find and secure daily giveaways (slide up in those DMs!).

  • Master Radmin.

    • During normal (non-pandemic) times, Radmin has all the content you need to create a stellar daily email.

  • Maintain ‘Top Picks’ user lists that serve as repositories for events you may want to feature in an upcoming daily email.

    • This allows you to quickly add events to these lists as you go through your day and then reference them later as you build your daily emails and ‘What To Do’ pages.

  • Include regular invitations (via your site, email, and social channels) for users to submit content for consideration. 

    • Each of our markets has tens of thousands (and in many cases, hundreds of thousands) of users! Let them do a lot of this work for us.

  • Encourage the rest of your team (staff and interns!) to contribute ideas for inclusions whenever they have them -- which should be daily at the least, given how much we know and love our local scenes.

    • Slack is likely easiest.