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Setting Up A Photo Slideshow

Before setting up a slideshow, you'll want to make sure that you:
  • Have a Flickr account setup.
  • Have uploaded all of your desired event's photos to that account.
  • Have assigned all of the photos the same Flickr tag.
    • You'll want to use a unique tag so you don't accidentally bring in unwanted images from other photographers and events.
Adding a Slideshow in Radmin

To add a photo slideshow to an event:
  • Locate the event in Radmin.
  • Click the COG wheel on the right-hand side of the screen.
  • Click 'Slideshow'.

Fill out the fields on the 'Manage Slideshow' modal:

Finding Your Flickr ID

To find your Flickr ID:
  • Click into any of your Flickr albums or photostream
  • Copy the portion of URL after '' and before the following '/'.
    • So, for instance, the Flickr ID in this example is 'do312'. 
    • Note: many metros' Flickr IDs will look like "70215457@N05". That is expected and normal. 

Viewing the Photos Page

After adding a photo slideshow to an event, that event will automatically appear on the photos page ( of your metro. 

Please reach out to if you have any questions adding photos to your events!