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Image Guidance

Images are prominently featured on all pages of your site so require your attention to curate. This article will review those that appear on your Artist, Venue, User/List, and Event pages. For information about your header and default images, see their respective sections in the Site Design article.

All photos are currently managed either on the site directly or through the "Manage Photos" modal of the corresponding page in Admin.

Artist, Venue, and User/List Images

Each of these pages on your site can feature two images: a photo and an icon image.

The photo or cover image shows across the top of the page and is the larger, primary image. 

Ideal specs: 1200x450

The icon image shows as the artist, venue, or user/list icon in various places around the site, such as the event activity feed. Tastemaker icons will appear on the event cards and event pages of their picks.

There are no ideal specs for an icon image but you will want to consider a smaller image that will look good when cropped as a circle.

For additions to the event activity feed by your site ("doNYC added a playlist for this event" etc.), your mobile logo will appear. 

Event Images

Each event can feature both a photo and a poster image. The event photo/cover image appears across the top of the page the same as the artist, venue, and user/List photo.  It also appears in the event card on listing pages. 

Ideal specs: 1200x450

The process for assigning a cover image to events is as follows:

-> The manually uploaded image for the event (you or the user directly adds this image to the event)*
-> If there is not a manually uploaded image, the headliner artist photo is assigned to the event
-> If none, the venue’s cover image is chosen
-> Finally, a default group of images selected by you.
*This is currently by default BUT you can request a specific scraper fix to input scraped images as the "photo" as opposed to the poster.

The poster image appears below the event description on the event page. It is whatever image is scraped for the event, but any manually uploaded image will override the scraped image. 

Specs: must be greater than 450px wide to display