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Your footer section is super easy to manage! Here’s the low-down (pun intended): 

1. Latest

This list is the same as your links in the “Latest” dropdown

2. Win Free Tickets 

The links to your Top 5 most popular upcoming Giveaways. 

3. Top Searches 

Unlike the “Featured Stuff” links that populates the search modal, these are the organically driven top terms searched on your site. However, you can give nature a nudge and influence the ranking of these terms:

In fact, you may have to modify Top Searches during the first few months your site is live because trending search terms for unused sites tend to be *ahem* interesting.

4. DoXXX Tastemakers

As within the search modal, these Tastemakers populate in order of most recent activity. 

5. Find Us Links 

You link out here to your Facebook page, Twitter page, blog, and any other important links you designate.

To manage these:
Step 1: Navigate in Admin to your "Promo" tab to find your "Social" tab:
Step 2: In this tab, select to "Create" a new social link 
Step 3: Enter the "Text" for the title you wish to display in the footer 
Step 4: Enter the link in the "URL" field (and be sure to include http://) 
Step 5: Select from the social channel to which the link corresponds or just "link" - this designates the icon that appears next to the title. 
Step 6. Click "Create"

6. Informational Pages: About, Etc. 

  • Your “About,” “Advertise,” and other special pages fit at the bottom of these columns. 
  • These populate from your pages in Admin: 
    • Within each page profile, you can edit the page to set it to show in the footer and the order in which it shows. 
  • “Terms of Service” and “Privacy” are automatically input as last.