Requesting Design Work

3 Design Projects in Asana
Please add tasks in the correct Project. ECPs (and lenses), Festivals, or pretty much everything else goes in Other. Make sure the task is in the New Design Task column. Please add your metro before the task title.

DESIGN: ECP Matchups (and Lenses)  
If you need a refresher on Requesting an ECP, please see this article: Requesting an ECP Matchup from Dostuff

DESIGN: Festivals

DESIGN: Other (Pages, Splash Pages, Ads, Graphics, Etc.)

Tag with 'Metro Design'. There are also tags for 'National Design' and 'Market Development Design'. 

Assign to either Stuart or Silke. 

Stuart for Festivals 
Silke for ECPs 
For anything else, use your best judgement, if we think the other person would be better for the task, we will re assign. 

Due Dates

ECPs: Silke will assign for a rough two weeks out due date. If the partner has a hard deadline, comment in the task and we will see if we can make it happen.
Other: Please assign the due date you will need the task complete by. 

How to easily have these projects on hand


Favorite Projects so they show up on your sidebar

Last column on each project 

Search for Design and the projects should be the first that show up.