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What is the Colors Tab?

The Colors tab is where you can edit the official colors of your site—everything from the background to the drop-downs to the color of the "ADD", "WIN", and "BUY" buttons. Look below for a summary of which colors appear where.

  • Light color: This is color for the background of the main body of your site. It should be a lighter color, but not white.
  • White color: This is used anywhere white is needed. Usually just #ffffff.
  • Dark color: This is used for the search bar, Latest drop-down, and "MYXYZ" drop-down
  • First accent color: Used for the navigation background, drop-down backgrounds, icons, and the "ADD" button
  • Second accent color: Used for most site text
  • Third accent color: Used for "WIN" & "RSVP" buttons
  • Fourth accent color: Top Pick background
  • Fifth accent color: Used for the "BUY" button
  • Sixth accent color: All other buttons

Take a look at Do512.com below to see how these all look on the front-end.

Want More?

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