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Radmin Dashboard

The Radmin Dashboard

When you log into Radmin, the first thing you see is the Radmin Dashboard. The Dashboard lets you see how your metro is performing with just a glance. It's a real-time overview of the most important metrics for your metro: new users, co-regs, ad performance, and upcoming RSVPs and Giveaways.

You can choose to view data by week or by month to identify trends and keep everything moving in the right direction. And since it's the first thing everyone sees when logging into Radmin, you know that your entire team is up-to-date on many of your most important metrics.


The Users widgets show you an overview of how your user registrations have been changing over the past few weeks. This is especially helpful for identifying big spikes so you can figure out what caused it and repeat it, and for calling attention to stagnant periods so you can stay motivated to continuously be making sure you are focusing your efforts on growing your audience quickly.
  • Totals
    • Users: Number of new users this period as compared to last period
    • CoReg: Number of users gained from co-regs this period as compared to last period
    • Total Users: Your current total number of users
  • Co-Reg
    • Number of new users added through co-reg this period by source, sorted by number of users


The Ads widget helps you keep tabs on how many ads you're running and the amount of impressions they've delivered. Whereas the "Advertising" section of Radmin lets you see the traffic for each individual ad, this widget is intended to provide a snapshot of your ad traffic over the past 7 or 30 days.

Ideally, this feature will give you a good idea for how many impressions you can deliver across your various brand ads on site, allowing you to sell impression quantities more confidently and monitor performance more accurately. Changing the date range to "Next 7 Days" or "Next 30 Days" will change the ad quantity to display the number of ads set to run during the specified upcoming date range.
  • Brand Ads
    • Location: The type of brand ad by location
    • Ad Quantity: The number of brand ads that have run in that location over the period
    • Impressions Delivered: The total number of impressions delivered during the period 


The Events widgets serve as a helpful reminder of what important Events you have coming up. Now you can be sure that no RSVPs or Giveaways slip through the cracks and that you and your partners are prepared.
  • Upcoming RSVPs
    • Upcoming Events with an RSVP, sorted by soonest
    • You can click the gear icon to see all options related to that Event
  • Upcoming Giveaways
    • Upcoming Events that have a Giveaway, sorted by soonest
    • You can click the gear icon to see all options related to that Event

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