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What is the People Tab?

The People tab in Radmin is where you can search profiles and manage Permissions for Users, Tastemakers, and metro employees, designers, and more. It’s also where you manage profile information for Lists -- or what we call “Promo Users” behind the scenes.

NOTE: The People tab may contain the private information of our users, including names, emails, Facebook profiles, birthdates, and more. We take the protection of this information VERY seriously. The utmost care should always be taken to respect Users’ privacy.

Vocab Review: What is a User?

Before we go any further, we should define the different types of People we refer to in the DoStuff Network:

  • User: A User is any person with a profile on your site. At one point -- maybe when signing up for the newsletter, an RSVP, or a Giveaway -- they registered with their email and name. This would also include you. You are a User.
  • Tastemaker: Tastemakers (referred to colloquially as All-Stars, Family Members, Mavericks, Sluggers, etc.) are influential Users that we give special prominence to on the site. For more on Tastemaker Permissions, see below.
  • Promo Users: A Promo User is a User in name only. These are the accounts that drive the Lists on your site. Just as with a normal User you can add Events and follow Venues and Artists, but unlike a normal User these accounts can display custom descriptions and HTML to help jazz up their content.

Navigating the People Page

When you click on the People tab, you will see a page with all the User profiles in your metro sorted by most recently added.

To find the User profile you’re looking for, click on search bar at the top of the page. In the drop-down that appears, you will be able to search by email, name, or filter by Permission type (see below for more).

You can also check the box to filter by List Users (Promo Users) only.

In the list of results, you will see the User email, name, and the date the profile was created.

To the right of each result, you will also see the following icons relating to that User:
  • Magnifying glass: View the User's details page in Radmin
  • Pencil: Edit the User's details in Radmin
  • Eyeball: Open the User's profile on your site in a new tab
  • Calendar: View upcoming Events created by that User 
If you want to add a new User or Promo User, you can click the "New User" button in the top-right corner of the page.

User Details

When you click on an User's name or magnifying glass icon, you will be taken to that User's details page in Radmin. There you can view information related to their profile including vanity URL, description, mailing list preferences, Promo User settings, and more.

By clicking "Edit", you can edit any User details -- including the User's Permissions across your site and the DoStuff Network.

  • Name: The User's real name
  • Email: The User's email address
  • New password: Enter a new password here to reset the User's password
  • Display Name: The username or nickname that will appear on the User's profile and other places on your site
  • Facebook: The User's Facebook URL
  • Birthdate: The User's date of birth
  • Cover image: The image that appears in the header in the User's profile
  • Icon image: The image that appears next to a User's Display Name in Event activity and other places around your site
    • NOTE: This can only be edited in Radmin. Users are not given the option to add an icon image on the front-end. By default their icon image is a cropped version of their Cover Image.
  • Permissions: The User's level of access on your site and across the Network (see below)
  • Personalized URL: The suffix that will be added to the end of your URL to create the User's vanity URL (e.g. Enter "coachella" here to claim the vanity URL, "http://doxyz.com/coachella")
  • Asana: The User's Asana email address (disregard this field)
  • Zipcode: The User's zipcode (we do not collect this info at this time, so this is usually blank)
  • Description: The text that appears in the header of a User's profile on your site
    • NOTE: Promo Users can enter HTML in this field to alter the appearance of their profile header 
  • Mail List: If checked, the User has opted-in to your newsletter mailing list
  • Band Emails: If checked, the User has opted-in to receive band alert emails
  • Hidden: If checked, this profile is hidden and will not appear in search results. The User's Event activity is also hidden across the site.


Also visible on the User details page are the types of Permissions granted to Users across the Network. Your Permissions determine your ability to access and edit certain parts of the site and Radmin. The vast majority of Users have zero Permissions, meaning they only have access to the most basic functions of the site.

Other Users are granted Permissions based on their status or employment with the metro (NOTE: You can not edit Permissions settings for yourself. You must have someone with equal or higher Permissions edit them for you).
  • All-Star: The All-Star (a.k.a. Tastemaker) Permission is for members of your metro's Tastemaker program. This Permission level makes their votes count 7x the average user. Their name will also appear in the "Recommendations by Tastemakers" list in the search fly-out and in the footer, and on your Tastemaker page (e.g. http://doXYZ.com/all-tastemakers).
    • NOTE: Content Managers and other metro employees often turn their profiles into Tastemaker profiles to build their personal brand and the brand of the metro.
  • Designer: This Permission allows the User to access and edit the site design for your ECPs in Radmin. They will not have the ability to edit your main site or access any other sections of Radmin.
  • Event Editor: This Permission allows the User to edit Events on the front-end of the site. This Permission is typically given to ECP partners, Featured Venue partners, and other Users that might need to edit Event content.
  • Manager: This Permission gives the User admin access across the front-end of the site and Radmin. This Permission is almost exclusively reserved for employees of your metro. Partners, designers, contract workers, and Tastemakers should not be given this level of access to the site and backend.
  • Superuser: This Permission gives the User admin access across the front-end of the site and Radmin for ALL DoStuff Network properties. This is almost exclusively reserved for employees of DoStuff.

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