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Useful Views (On Radmin & The Front End) To Make Your Job Easier

Here are some 'deeper cut' portions of our platform that are extremely useful for anyone in content management:

Listings Views In Radmin

Click this button in Radmin to see any date's events sorted in order of popularity:

Since the events on the front end of your site are also sorted in order of popularity, this lightweight view can be particularly useful when making quick tweaks to the ordering of your events. Click into each popularity number to manually edit it:

These views are also helpful when checking through events near the bottom of your listings to find potential top picks and hidden gems that may not have accrued any popularity because no artists were attached to the events.

Venue Calendars In Radmin

From any venue's page in Radmin, click the cogwheel in the top right of the screen and select 'View Venue's Events' to see any easily sortable, lightweight display of the venue's events:

Then click 'Date' to see all of the venue's events sorted in order of date:

This view is especially helpful when comparing your listings side-by-side to a venue's calendar to check for dupes or missing events. If you need to merge an event, vote on an event with a user or edit an event, you can do so directly from this screen.

These views also contain 'Export' buttons at the bottom of every page, which you can use to download the content of that page into a .tab file (which can be easily imported into Google Sheets or Excel), in case such an export is useful when managing your promotional outreach around that venue's events.

'All Upcoming On Sales' view

In Radmin, go to Events -> Search and then click the 'Upcoming OnSales' filter to see all of the events on your metro that have an on-sale time in the future.

This view is especially helpful in building your 'Big On Sales' or 'Just Announced' lists. Remember that you can vote on events with those users directly from this screen. If you'd like a refresher on all the different ways you can add events to your list users, check out this article.

'All RSVPs' pages

Every site has a page with the URL http://doXYZ.com/events/rsvp that is automatically populated with all of that metro's active RSVPs. No maintenance is required on your part; it's there for you to link to whenever you'd like. 

Delete a wonky event description

If you are ever unable to edit an event on the front end despite being logged in with a user that can edit events and the event being unlocked, then the issue is most likely that some wonky HTML has been added to the event description.

To clear this out, edit the event in Radmin and select the 'Edit Raw Description' option:

From that view, you can delete the existing description, save your changes and then go back to the front end to add a new description. With wonky descriptions, it's usually quickest to delete the old description entirely and then add a new one from the front end than to try to fix the issue from within the code in Radmin.

'All RSVPs' & 'All Giveaways' Views

From your Radmin Dashboard (the screen you see when you first log into Radmin), scroll down to find links to 'View All' of your upcoming RSVPs and giveaways.

These views are useful for quickly managing promotions, picking winners, sending lists, and more.

These views also contain 'Export' buttons at the bottom of every page, which you can use to download the content of that page into a .tab file (which can be easily imported into Google Sheets or Excel). These exports can be especially useful for dumping your giveaways into Asana like the 'Tip of the Week' covered in this Product Update.