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How To Scrape The Ticketmaster API

The best way to scrape venues that use Ticketmaster / LiveNation for their ticketing is to use Ticketmaster's API as your 'URL to Scrape' and 'Ticketmaster App' as your script.

Here's how to set up a scraper using the Ticketmaster API, using Indy's Ruoff Music Center as an example:
  • First, up the venue ID:
    • Use this link to open Ticketmaster's discovery widget. (You do not need to sign in.)
    • Navigate to the 'Venue ID' field and click the icon in the right corner of the field.
    • Search by the venue's name (or a unique part of it) (eg - "Ruoff")
    • Select "Use This ID" to the right of the desired venue.
    • Copy the ID that populates into the 'Venue ID' field (eg - "KovZpvEk7A")
  • Replace the 'VENUEIDHERE' portion of this URL 'https://app.ticketmaster.com/discovery/v2/events.json?apikey=NEox8WsGBH6Lc8aQGBe9UPl2bzuO5lN6&venueId=VENUEIDHERE' with the URL you obtained above.
    • In the case of the Ruoff Music Center, https://app.ticketmaster.com/discovery/v2/events.json?apikey=NEox8WsGBH6Lc8aQGBe9UPl2bzuO5lN6&venueId=VENUEIDHERE becomes https://app.ticketmaster.com/discovery/v2/events.json?apikey=NEox8WsGBH6Lc8aQGBe9UPl2bzuO5lN6&venueId=KovZpvEk7A
  • Use the resulting URL as your URL to scrape.
  • Set your script to 'Ticketmaster App' or 'Ticketmaster App (Bands in Title)' if you'd like all supporting acts to be listed in the venue title.
  • Run your scraper and verify that it's pulling in data correctly.
  • If you have any issues, reach out to Support!