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As frequently as possible, you will want to give users the opportunity to RSVP for exclusive offers around events. These offers can be for free admission, reduced admission, reduced admission with a pre-sale code, a free drink upon arriving, swag, exclusive access, pre sale codes - just about anything. Every new user who RSVPs for an event is automatically signed up for your site and email list, making RSVPs an excellent source of user acquisition and traffic while simultaneously providing cool hook-ups for your users.

To Set Up An RSVP
  • Go to Radmin -> Events -> Search
  • Locate the event to which you'd like to add an RSVP
  • Click the COG wheel to the right of the event
  • Click RSVP

Doing so will bring you to the RSVP 'Basics' screen:

To turn an RSVP on, you only need to do two things...
  • Check the 'Attach RSVP' box
  • Put your offer in the 'Offer Text' field. This should always start 'RSVP For...' or 'RSVP To...' etc
... everything else is optional:

RSVP: Basics
  1. 'Attach RSVP': Check this box to turn on the RSVP. Once the box is checked, we recommend never unchecking it unless you want to completely erase the RSVP offer and all data associated with it, including the lists. 
  2. 'Offer Text': This is where you put your RSVP offer. This should always start 'RSVP For...' or 'RSVP To...' etc.
  3. Slots: Inserting a number into this field will close the RSVP once that number of people have RSVPed. This includes +1, when applicable. Since your goal in setting up an RSVP is to collect as many RSVPs as possible, we recommend never using this field. If a partner is ever pushing on you to cap their RSVP, please first reach out to Support for tactical guidance.
  4. 'Disable Additional RSVPs': Check this box to close your RSVP. This will prevent additional users from RSVPing to the event and will display a 'Closed' message on the front end (whose text is customizable within the 'List' tab). Checking this box will not delete or affect any list data.
  5. 'Passcode': Insert a passcode here if you'd like to force users to enter a passcode to RSVP for the event.
RSVP: Users

Within the RSVP 'Users' modal, you can select from a variety of optional questions you can ask users while they're RSVPing. 

Please note that you can include all of these fields on the RSVP form if you'd like - but users are not required to fill them out in order to RSVP. The only required fields that a user must complete when RSVPing are email address, first name, last name - and, if the 'Require minimum age?' box is checked, verifying that they're the required age (either by birthdate or checking the 21+? box).

RSVP: Opt-In/Terms

If you would like to invite users to opt-in to a 3rd-party list while RSVPing, you can do so via the 'Opt-in?' fields.

Check the 'Opt-in?' box to enable opt-in. Then, enter 'Opt-in text' to form the opt-in in the form of a question and give users a sense for what they're opting in to, e.g. - "Receive email updates from Live Nation?". 

Note: We cover how to collect your opt-ins during the "List" portion of this article (below).

Occasionally, a show's presenter will require users to agree to the partner's own terms in order to RSVP, even though the users are RSVPing on your site. If that's the case, you can include the partner's terms within the "Terms of Service" field. When this field is enabled, users must agree to these terms (by checking the 'agree' box) in order to RSVP.

Please note that the opt-in box is checked by default for users when they RSVP, but the terms of service box is not.

RSVP: Email

By default, every user that RSVPs will receive a confirmation email. Our default confirmation emails look like this...

... and pull in the event's cover photo as the image - plus the event title, date, and venue as additional information.

If you'd like to not send a confirmation email, uncheck the 'Send Confirmation Email?' box.

If you'd like to send a custom confirmation email, you can either:
  • Reach out to Support and we will customize the email as desired within 24 hours.
  • Customize the email yourself using this article as a roadmap

RSVP: List
Every RSVP has two different lists:
  • A 'Guestlist' (also commonly referred to as a 'door list', since this list is what you'll need to give the door person) that includes last name, first name and +1. 
  • An 'Email List' that includes first name, last name, email address and all optional fields (including opt-ins).
You may download the Guestlist and Email List for open or closed RSVPs at any time by navigating the the RSVP's "List" page:

The RSVP Guestlist

You have the option of automatically sending the RSVP Guestlist (door list) to any number of email addresses a certain amount of time before the event start time. To add addresses to receive the Guestlist, check the 'Send Guestlist' box and then enter the recipients' email addresses, separated by commas, into the 'Email Guestlist To' field. Please note that an incorrectly formatted email address or stray character in this field has the ability to prevent the list from sending - so please use caution when adding addresses.

Once the Guestlist email fires off to these recipients, our system will automatically check the 'Disable Additional RSVPs' box on the Basics screen, and the RSVP will close. You can re-open the RSVP at any time after that by unchecking the 'Disable Additional RSVPs' box.

Please note that the RSVP Guestlist can only be sent once. So, if a show is at 8 PM, you send the promoter the Guestlist at 5 PM and she asks you to keep the RSVP open for another two hours and send her a new list at 7 PM, you will need to manually close the RSVP at 7 PM and manually download the Guestlist to send it to her. Or, you can let her know that...

Users can download an updated RSVP Guestlist at any time from the event's page on your site if they're signed in with an account whose email address matches one of the addresses in the 'Email Guestlist To' field.

The RSVP Email List, which includes opt-in emails and all other optional data such as ZIP Code, Birthdate and Affiliation, can not be automatically sent, nor can it be downloaded from the front end. It must be downloaded from Radmin.

We recommend setting a daily repeating Asana task to send your partners any relevant RSVP Email List data from the previous night, when applicable.

Have questions about RSVPs? Want anything added to this article that isn't already in here? Reach out to Support!