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Media Searches

What is the Media Search function?

Embedded in the Pending queue is a new Media Search function for Radmin. Media Searches allow you to add high-quality photos and videos to Artist pages to keep content looking high-quality across all DoStuff metro sites and ECPs. 

The new Media Search widget in Radmin makes it possible to choose from official photos and videos from an Artist’s Facebook and YouTube accounts without ever leaving the Pending queue. 

Red vs. Green

In the Pending queue, all Artist names appear in either a RED or GREEN bubble. When you see a red bubble, it means the Artist is missing a profile photo, a YouTube video, or it’s been six months since either were updated.

Green means everything is up-to-date.

Adding photos and video

To add or edit the photo and video on an Artist’s page, click on the photo icon next to their name to open up the Media Search widget.


The Media Search widget contains two tabs: Facebook and YouTube. The Facebook tab is used for selecting official photos from an Artist’s Facebook Page, and the YouTube tab is for selecting official music videos and other Artist content.


To select from an Artist’s Facebook photos, you must first confirm that their official Facebook PAge is synced. If you do not see a photo slideshow next to the blue box labeled “Current Media”, the Facebook Page is not synced. [NOTE: Even if an Artist has a current photo displayed, their Facebook Page may not be synced yet. This feature is new to Radmin.]


To sync the official Facebook Page, simply enter the Artist’s name in the search field in the top right and select the correct option. If you can’t find the Artist’s Page in the search results, you may have to find it on Facebook.com or Google and paste the URL in the red box.

Once the Artist’s Facebook Page is synced, you can pick from their recent photos for the best one. Be sure to keep the following best practices in mind when selecting a photo:

  1. No Words: Because Artist names and bios are displayed over their photo on all DoStuff Network sites, you should avoid any images that have words on them (e.g. event posters, tour date listings, album promos, etc.).
  2. NO WORDS: Seriously, photos with words on them make the Artist pages on your site look like shit. Don’t make the Artist pages on everyone's site look like shit.
  3. High-quality: These images will be stretched to fit the width of the Artist page, so only select images with high pixel resolutions. For best quality, look for widescreen (i.e. 16:9 ratio) with at least the following dimensions: xxxx px X xxxx px
  4. High-contrast: Because the Artist’s names and bios will be displayed over the photo, look for images that will display text well. Avoid “busy” images that make it hard to read the small text of the Artist bio.

Once you find the image you like, click the green checkmark and press “Ok” to update the Artist’s photo across the entire DoStuff Network of sites and ECPs.


To select the video that will appear on the Artist’s page, go to the YouTube tab in the Media Search widget and simply search the Artist’s name. The widget will display the same search results that appear on YouTube.com for that Artist. You can even preview the videos directly in the Media Search widget.

If you don’t see the video you are looking for, you can enter more specific search terms (e.g. song name, album, festival name, etc.) that will return the right results.

When you find the right video, just click the green checkmark and press “Ok” to update the Artist’s photo across the entire DoStuff Network of sites and ECPs. Be sure to keep the following best practices in mind when choosing a video:

  1. Official Videos: Always choose official Artist videos over any user-created content or copyright-infringing videos. Look for videos from their official YouTube account or from VEVO, if possible.
  2. Stay Current: Pick more recent videos over older ones. You’ll make the Artist happy by helping promote their new stuff, and you’ll gain more users by keeping your site fresh and up-to-date.
  3. High-Def: Like all content on the DoStuff Network, quality is a top priority. Make sure the video you select is HD and has good sound (that’s why we made it possible to preview videos in the widget!).