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Splash Pages (For Giveaways & More)

Splash Pages

We have the ability to assign any giveaway a fully customized 'splash page'. 

Splash pages live on your metro sites - so any user who enters these giveaways is immediately registered for the host metro - but their appearances can be skinned to: match a brand, artist or festival's aesthetic; accommodate partner logos and media assets; and give users the feeling of entering something special.

Because of their customization, splash pages are especially effective for: powering non-traditional giveaways (such as a giveaway that isn't tickets to a single event); giveaways involving paying partners who are committed to sharing the giveaway via their own channels; or any giveaway you feel deserves an extra level of customization in order to be most successful.


How They Work

All splash pages are comprised of two pages: a main landing page and a confirmation page.

While the page can be skinned with a custom design, the form fields must be controlled by the standard DoStuff giveaway platform. This means that the splash page starts out with the default giveaway fields (name & email address) but can make use of any of the other giveaway settings (e.g. - customizable question, opt-in checkbox, etc).

We can wrap the giveaway form fields in whatever HTML + CSS you desire and add copy around these fields to achieve a fully-customized look & feel. In most cases, splash pages carry a completely custom design that doesn't mirror another website. However it is possible for us to design a splash page, like an ECP, that carries a specific partner's header/footer/nav and can be linked to seamlessly from the partner's homepage. An example of that would be http://donyc.com/marchforscience which carries the design of http://www.marchforscience.nyc/

Splash pages can have vanity URLs (controlled by setting the vanity on the event page and then checking "vanity takeover?" on the splash page settings).

The splash confirmation page can be setup to either:
  • display a "geo-matched" message and also register users with their closest DoStuff metro based on their zip code (this means they'd be registered for the hosting metro as well as their closest metro)
  • display a completely custom response and only register users for the hosting metro
  • redirect users back to the true event page (rare)
If multiple metros would like to collaborate on a single promotion and only have entrants register for the nearest metro, we can accommodate this by hosting the giveaway on our 'Network' account.

Splash pages include your metros' Google Analytics IDs, so there's no need to worry about losing traffic by sending users to a splash page.

Just like with any other giveaway, we can assign the splash page a customized Mandrill confirmation email template. This is essential for making the campaign cohesive. Within these emails, we can include partner logos, change the default "you've entered to win tickets" messaging to something else and make any other desired adjustments to mirror the design of the splash page.

Since splash pages do not carry your primary site design, we often set them up as hidden events, so that users don't click on an event card on DoXYZ then get taken to a page that looks completely different than the rest of your site.

Splash Pages For RSVPs

Though there isn't currently the option to truly setup an RSVP splash page, we are able to use a bit of trickery to make splash pages work for RSVPs. In these cases, we change the CTA button to read "RSVP" instead of "ENTER TO WIN" and assign the event a customized Mandrill template (technically a customized giveaway template) that uses RSVP phrasing instead of giveaway phrasing.

Embeddable Pages

We can also offer partners an embed code that displays a button on their site, which when clicked will open the splash page at a predetermined width and height in a pop-up window. Here's a (fake) bare-bones example of that functionality: http://codepen.io/sjcasey01/pen/qNbBEM

What We Do Not Offer:

Since splash pages use the same underlying functionality as our regular giveaways, we're unable to implement any fields that can't already be controlled with the current DoStuff Giveaway Platform, such as multiple opt-in checkboxes or multiple open-ended questions.

We also can not build more than two pages for each splash page. For this reason, we're unable to accommodate any partner requests that require separate pages for multiple prize items. The main splash landing page must be a single page with all prize description & entry fields and the confirmation page must be a single page as well. We often design the second page to look identical to the first page (just with different messaging) but the page URL will always refresh and add /confirmation to the end of the splash URL.

Though we can design a splash page to look like the partner's website, we can not offer a splash page that actually lives within an ECP. This is something we hope to explore in the future, but for now splash pages must live on our metros' domains and run through metros' Mandrill accounts. This is also in your favor as a metro, since entering giveaways on an ECP does not auto-register the user for your metro, just for the ECP.

Splash pages do not load within the app; they will open the users mobile browser whenever linked to via the app.

How To Request A Splash Page

1. Try to lock in all of your partners in advance. Before we begin working on your splash page, we would like you to try and solidify as many of your promotional partners as possible, since it can be a lot of extra work to repeatedly go back and add new partners' assets and info to the page.

2. Have your partners provide us with their logo(s). If possible, we love getting both dark & light versions, as well as logos designed as .png with transparent background.

3. Define the following:
  1. title of contest (likely to be used when creating the header image / text for the top of the splash page)
  2. prize items and their individual descriptions if necessary
  3. contest description copy
  4. confirmation messaging
  5. the giveaway fields that should be active
  6. Should there be an opt-in or should we add fine print under the form that explains the contest is a forced opt-in (something like "by entering, you are opting in to receive info from DoXYZ, partner, partner and partner")? Keep in mind that 100% of entrants will be registered for the hosting metro and the hosting metro's mailing list, so the opt-in would technically only be for the other partners.
  7. How should the page look? Would you like us to create something completely custom or should we try to mirror the design of the partner's site?
4. Create an Asana task in the DESIGN: Other (Pages, Splash Pages, Ads, Graphics, etc) project under the NEW column, then add the above information along with any specific design requests for us to keep in mind when building out the page. Assign the task to Silke and we'll add a due date so you have an idea of when to expect the completed page. As with ECPs, we ask for a 2-week turnaround if possible.

Please reach out to Support if you have any questions about Splash Pages, or would like anything added to this article.