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Managing Giveaways & Picking Winners

Managing Giveaways

You can see all of current and upcoming giveaways and at any time by:
  • Logging in to Radmin
  • Scrolling halfway down the Dashboard until you see the 'View All' button next to 'Upcoming Giveaways'
  • This will take you to a screen where you can see all of your upcoming giveaways sorted in order of date with information below each concerning the status of the giveaway (number of entries, whether a winner has been notified and/or confirmed, etc).

Picking Winners

To pick and notify the winners of your giveaway:
  • Locate the event for which you'd like to do so.
    • You can use either the above 'All Giveaways' display or Radmin -> Events -> Search.
  • Click the COG wheel to the right of the event
  • Select 'Pick Winners'
The 'Pick Winners' screen will display everyone who has already been marked as a 'Winner' and/or 'Confirmed', plus up to 100 random entrants. 

These entrants are displayed and ordered randomly. However, users with a higher 'Score' are more likely to appear on these screens. The 'Score' indicates the number of users that person has gotten to enter the giveaway. Users get 1 point for entering the giveaway and then 1 additional point for each new giveaway entrant that they refer. Every point that users gain makes them more likely to appear on your Pick Winners screen whenever it is loaded.

There is no concept of cross-giveaway referrals - meaning that getting a lot of your friends to enter one giveaway does not help you win a different giveaway.

The Pick Winners screen will load a new set of entrants (in a new order) on every refresh, but the 'Winners' and 'Confirmed' entrants will always be at the top.

Picking A Winner
  • Pick the first winner who (1) is not an employee / giveaway partner and (2) has not won a giveaway too recently.
    • Different metros have different policies about how soon is too soon to be a repeat winner (and this is also somewhat context-dependent).
  • Check the 'Winner' box next to that person's name.
  • Click the 'Notify Winners' button.
    • Please note that whenever a 'Notify Winners' email goes out, it will go to all users with the 'Winner' box checked. Be sure not to send duplicate emails to the same user.
  • An automatically-generated email will pop up in a modal. You can edit this email before sending - and you can also edit the default 'Notify Winners' email in Radmin -> Advanced -> Email Templates, or by clicking this button:
    • Please note that revisions to your default 'Notify Winners' template will only effect giveaways for which no 'Notify Winners' have been sent.

Confirming A Winner & Notifying The Venue

It is customary to give your notified winners 24 hours to confirm their attendance before sending their names to the venue/promoter. The purposes of requesting confirmation are two-fold:
  • To make sure that the user still wants to go to the show.
  • To make sure that the name that the user entered the giveaway with is the correct one.
Once a winner is confirmed, you'll want to send that person's name to the venue. To do so, click the 'Notify Venue' button.

An automatically-generated email will pop up in a modal. Like the 'Notify Winners' email, you can edit this one before you send it out.

Also a note that any emails added to the 'Giveaway Email(s)' field of the event's venue page and/or the 'Giveaway Email(s) To Receive Winner List' field within the giveaway's settings will automatically appear in the 'To' field of this email. You may also add emails as desired.

Picking Many Winners / Making Everyone A Winner (Papering Shows)

You may pick as many winners for a giveaway as there are entrants. The process for picking a small number of winners should mirror the process for picking a single winner. However, venues and promoters may occasionally ask you to 'paper' a show and make every entrant a winner.

When making every giveaway entrant a winner, you'll want to take note of the following things:
  • The 'Pick Winners' screen displays everyone who has already been marked as a 'Winner' and/or 'Confirmed', plus up to 100 random entrants. So, if you'd like to make every entrant a winner and there are more than 100 entrants, you'll want to:
    1. Load up the 'Pick Winners' screen
    2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and 'Mark / Un Mark All Displayed Winners'
    3. Refresh the page
    4. Repeat steps 2 & 3 until all entrants have been marked as a 'Winner'.
  • When you send out the 'Notify Winners' email for a giveaway with a ton of winners, it's wise not to ask winners to confirm or your email inbox will be flooded with confirmations and questions. Instead, we would recommend including text of the following sort in your 'Notify Winners' email:
    • "No need to confirm! Your pair of tickets will be waiting under your name at the venue will call. Please don't forget a photo ID. Also please note that we are unable to accommodate transfers of any kind."
  • Rather than sending the winners' names to the venue/promoter in an email, it's best to send them in the form of a spreadsheet. To get that spreadsheet, go to Exports and click 'Export Winners'.

  • You may also use the 'Exports' screen to export:
    • Votes: everyone who 'added' the event to their calendar, which includes everyone who entered the giveaway and anyone else who up-voted the event (including any auto-voting users).
    • Opt-Ins: all users who left the opt-in box checked when entering the giveaway (if opt-in was enabled).
Overview Stats

In the top right of the Pick Winners screen, you can see:
  • The total number of entries for the giveaway.
  • The total number of new users your metro has gained from the giveaway.
  • The number of new users which came in through referrals.

Messaging Non-Winners

For your biggest giveaways (and whenever this feature is sold into an ad campaign), it is recommended that you close the loop on the giveaway by messaging all of the entrants who didn't win. Learn all about how to quickly send messages to non-winners here.