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Creating Giveaways

You have the ability to add a giveaway (for tickets or anything else of your choosing) to any approved event. To set up a new giveaway:
  • Go to Radmin -> Events -> Search
  • Search for and locate the event to which you'd like to add a giveaway.
  • Click the COG wheel to the right of the event.
  • Select 'Giveaway Settings'.
Giveaway Settings: Setup

You'll then be brought to the following screen:

Let's talk you through the different fields on this first tab ('Setup'):
    • Active: Check this box to turn the giveaway on and make it visible on your site.
      • Making the giveaway 'Active' will also automatically add the event to your site's Giveaways page.
      • Important! Please never uncheck this box, under any circumstances. Doing so will delete all data associated with the giveaway.
        • Please use the end date field (see below) to close an existing giveaway.
    • Offer: Use this field to explain what users may win by entering the giveaway (eg 'Win a pair of free tickets!').
* Please note that the only two required fields that you need to fill out when setting up a giveaway are Active and Offer. All of the other fields (including all the fields on the 'Fields' and 'Email' tab) are optional and less frequently used.
    • Spots: How many of the prizes are available? This is an optional field for internal reference.
    • Alt Terms URL: Our system automatically generates a standard Terms and Conditions page for each Giveaway and links to it from the registration form. However, there may be situations when your partner writes their own terms and conditions and you'll need to link to them here.
    • End date: By default, the giveaway will turn off after the event that it is attached to has passed. If you'd like to turn off your giveaway before the event begins, please add an 'End date' here.
      • Please note that since the goal of every giveaway is to accumulate as many entrants as possible, you only want to use this field at a partner's insistence. Most metros never use it.
    • Send Confirmation Email to Users: If this box is checked, then all users will receive a giveaway confirmation email immediately after entering. It is standard practice to send such an email.
      • Want to customize this confirmation email? Head over to the 'Email' tab (explained below).
    • App Only: Check this box to make the giveaway only available on the app. 
    • Giveaway Email(s) To Receive Winner List: Once the giveaway ends and your winners are confirmed, you'll need to send the winners to the venue and/or promoters. You can enter those partners' email addresses in this field and they will automatically populate in the 'To' field when you send that email. You may also add the email addresses to the 'To' field of that email later - so this field is really only used when you need to remind yourself to send the winners to someone who you might forget to send them to.
Click 'Save' to turn the giveaway on.
Click the 'View the Event' button (in the top-right) to view the event (and giveaway) on the front end. 

Giveaway Settings: Fields

By default, all users are required to enter their first name, last name and email address to enter a giveaway. If you'd like to add and edit the fields that users must complete before entering, click over to the 'Fields' tab. However, please be cautious when adding fields, as every extra field you require entrants to complete will decrease their overall chance of entering.

Please note that all of the fields that you enable on this screen will require completion in order for a user to enter.
    • Ask Name?: Check this box to collect entrants' first and last names.
    • Ask Zip?: Check this box to collect users ZIP codes during registration. Some partners may request this for their email lists.
    • Ask Birthdate?: Check this if you want to collect users DOB during registration.
    • Ask Gender?: This will present users with four options: male; female; other; prefer not to say.
    • Question: This is a custom field that you can use to ask entrants a question.
      • An example of when you'd want to use this field would be if you were giving away tickets for a festival and the festival requested that you collect users' opinions on who they'd want to see perform.
    • Ask Spam Question (and validate): This will require that users complete ReCaptcha before entering.
    • Ask if minimum age?: Check this box if there is a minimum age for prize eligibility.
    • Require minimum age?: Check this box if users MUST be a minimum age to enter. Some partners, especially alcohol and tobacco brands, will require age-gating for regulatory reasons.
    • Opt-In?: Check this box to ask permission to share the entrant's email and other info with the event sponsor. If you check this box, the box on the front end will be checked by default and the user will have to uncheck it to opt-out
Don't forget to save changes when you're done!

And a note that you can change these settings at any time for an active giveaway by returning to this screen.

Giveaway Settings: Email

By default, all of your giveaway entrants will receive a confirmation email that looks like this.

That email is fully customizable and supports HTML. If you'd like to send a custom confirmation email, you can either:
  • Reach out to Support and we will customize the email as desired within 24 hours.
  • Customize the email yourself using this article as a roadmap (and of course, Support is always here for any help that you need as you go)

Picking Winners 

Next step! Check out this article on Managing Giveaways & Picking Winners