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The Events tab in Radmin is where you can view and edit pending Events, past and current Events on your site, and the Scrapers that pull in new Events from around your metro area.

Events are the core of what we do. Maintaining the best and most complete list of “what’s going on” in your city is what separates us from the competition and keeps users coming back. Radmin makes it fast and easy to manage Events, and keep the content on your site as up-to-date as possible.

Pending Queue

  • The Pending queue is where you edit and approve new Events before they go live on your site

Duplicates Queue

  • Affectionately known as the "Dupes Queue", this is where you can view Events that have been flagged as duplicates of another Event to see if they should be merged, deleted, or kept as-is.

Approved Events

  • The Approved queue is where you can view and edit Events that are live on your site -- both past and upcoming.


  • Giveaways are a type of Event promotion that offers users a chance to win tickets to that Event. In Radmin, creating and managing Giveaways is incredibly simple.

  • As frequently as possible, you will want to give users the opportunity to RSVP for exclusive offers around events. These offers can be for free admission, reduced admission, reduced admission with a pre-sale code, a free drink upon arriving, swag, exclusive access, pre sale codes - just about anything.


  • Scrapers are the lines of code that crawl ticketing sites in your city and pull in new Events as soon as they're posted. Learn how to manage your Scrapers and work with our coders to create new ones.

Media Searches

  • Those RED and GREEN bubbles in the Pending queue lead you to the media search function where you can edit an Artist's photo and video.