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What is the Shortcuts Tab?

The Shortcuts tab in Radmin is where you add and manage the Shortcuts in the drop-down on your front page. Shortcuts are simply links to a category, or multiple categories of Events. In Radmin you can add new Shortcuts, turn existing Shortcuts on and off, or delete them altogether.

To the right of each Shortcut, you'll see the following icons:
  • Magnifying glass: View the Shortcut details
  • Pencil: Edit the Shortcut details
  • Trash: Delete Shortcut

Adding a New Shortcut

At the top-right of the main Shortcuts page, you'll see the "New Shortcut" button. By clicking on it, you'll be taken to the following form.

Add the following information to each section of the form:
  • Title: What's the new Shortcut called?
  • Permalink: What is the suffix that will be used for the Shortcut's URL (usually the same as the Title).
    • E.g. http://doxyz.com/events/shortcut
  • Display: Checking this box will display the Shortcut in the Shortcuts drop-down on your front page. If left unchecked, the Shortcut can only be accessed via direct link.
  • Show Ongoing?: Checking this box will display ongoing Events in the listing
  • Show Upcoming?: Checking this box will show all upcoming Events in a row, rather than only showing one day's Events per page.
    • This is intended for Shortcuts without a lot of daily Events (e.g. Comedy, Arts & Culture, etc.). Checking this box will prevent your shortcut from looking empty.
  • Meta Description (optional): This is the description that gets pulled in by search engines. A good meta description will include what the Shortcut includes and the name of your city.
    • E.g.: "Check out all the upcoming comedy events in Metropolis on DoXYZ"
  • Show all categories within/except the following: This is where you check all the categories that this Shortcut should pull in. To save time, you can also use the "except" option to only select the categories that should not get pulled in.
Click "Save" and check out the results!

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