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Categories & Shortcuts

Categories are qualities which are assigned to events. Every event must have one and only one category. An event's category determines whether or not it appears within a given shortcut.

Shortcuts are collections of events organized by category. Examples of shortcuts include your site's home page, the pages within your site's shortcut dropdown...

... your mobile app home page, and your mobile app shortcuts:

Your desktop and mobile app shortcuts are managed independently in Radmin. They have different functionality and can feature different content.

Desktop shortcuts are managed in Radmin -> Content -> Shortcuts. They include your home page, whose title is 'What to do'. 

Please never delete your home page shortcut or change its permalink, or your site will crash. Please also refrain from changing any other existing desktop shortcut titles or permalinks without first consulting us, as there may be SEO disadvantages to doing so.

Your mobile app shortcuts are managed in Radmin -> Mobile -> Shortcuts. Please note that creating or modifying a mobile app shortcut will have no effect on desktop, and vice versa.

Desktop Shortcuts

Within the setup screen for each desktop shortcut, you can make decisions about how the shortcut functions.
  • Title: This is the name that the shortcut will be called on the front end of your site. Again, please never modify this for your home page. 
  • Permalink: Your shortcut will live at http://doXYZ.com/events/permalink-title/.....  (Same note re: the home page as above.)
  • Display: Check this box to include the shortcut within the site's shortcut dropdown, which is linked in the main nav on your home page and all shortcut pages.
  • Include Repeating In Main Listings?: Check this box if your shortcut is mostly composed of weekly repeating events, which is often the case for Happy Hour, Comedy and DJ / Parties shortcuts.
    • Multi-day and weekly repeating events only appear if there are at least three events within that given day's shortcut that are either single-day events or multi-day / weekly repeating events which are marked to 'display in the main listings' (which is a setting that's configured when editing the respective event pages in Radmin). So, for instance, if you don't check this box and all the events within your shortcut are weekly repeating events that are not set to 'display in the main listings', then no events will appear within the shortcut.
  • 'Show Upcoming'?: Check this box to display a number of upcoming events below each given day's events within your shortcut until a total of 25 events displays. We recommend checking this box for any shortcut that has less an average of less than 10 events per day.
  • Meta Description: This is the description that will populate below the shortcut (and metro) name whenever the shortcut surfaces in web search. Make this description enticing and accurate so that users will want to click through.
  • Show all categories within/except.... For each shortcut, you have your choice of displaying all events with certain categories, or displaying all events except certain categories. Generally, metros use the latter for their home page and the former for their other shortcut pages.

Mobile (App) Shortcuts

Though they function independently, your mobile shortcuts have similar functionality to your desktop ones. Again, a note that modifying a mobile app shortcut has no effect on your desktop shortcuts. 

You will notice that there is no 'Display' option on the mobile apps. Once a shortcut is created, it will be visible in the apps. You will also notice that there is no meta description, since these shortcuts will not be searchable on web. Lastly, you will notice that there is no 'Show Upcoming?' feature, as that functionality is not supported on the mobile apps at this time. Everything else works the same as web, except:
  • Title: Since there is no concept of SEO within the mobile app, you may change the title and permalink for any of your mobile shortcuts that are not your app's home page as desired.
  • Sort By Time: Check this box to display each day's events within your Mobile Shortcut by time, instead of popularity. This is generally preferred for festivals.
All mobile app settings apply to both iOS and Android. There is no way to effect one and not the other.


Your Categories are managed in Radmin -> Events -> Categories. Go there to create, edit or delete categories.

For the most part, Categories are only used for internal purposes. The only time your users will ever see a Category is when they add events.

If you want to prevent users from seeing and adding events to a certain category, you can edit that category (in Radmin -> Events -> Categories) and mark it as 'Hidden'. Hidden categories can still be included and excluded from Shortcuts as normal; The only difference is that users will not be able to add events to hidden categories on the front end.

What questions do you have about Categories and Shortcuts? What would you like added to this article? Hit us up at support@dostuffmedia.com and let us know!