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What is the Artists Tab?

The Artists tab in Radmin is where you can search and manage all the bands, comedians, and other performers that appear on your site. Any Artist that has ever been attached to an Event on the DoStuff Network will appear in this tab -- whether they’ve performed in your metro or not.

Basically, every Artist you’ve ever heard of is in there -- plus a shit ton you haven’t.

Navigating the Artists Page

When you click on the Artists tab, you will see a page with every Artist on the DoStuff Network sorted by most recently added.

To find the Artist you’re looking for (because you’ll never find it by browsing through the quarter-million entries by hand), click on the search bar at the top of the page. In the drop-down that appears, you can search by keywords related to Artist name or hometown.

Non-Legit Artists

You will also see a checkmark to "Include Non-Legit Artists" in your search. By default we only display "Legit" Artists in Radmin or the front-end, but for every Legit Artist there are more than two Non-Legit Artists (over 500,000) that are hidden. They're mostly junk entries, but there may be rare cases when you need to search these fake or outdated Artist pages.

In the list of results, you will see the Artist name, hometown (if any), Facebook URL (if any), and YouTube URL (if any). You will also see the RED and GREEN bubbles that appear in the Pending queue that link to the Media Search function.

Our goal is to keep Artist pages across the Network up-to-date with the most up-to-date info and coolest content. If you see an Artist page that you know has wrong info, or has a really haggard cover image or video, feel free to update it! The more hands we have keeping Artist profiles up-to-date, the easier it will be to keep our sites looking badass year after year.

To the right of each result, you will also see the following icons relating to that Artist:
  • Magnifying glass: View the Artist’s details page in Radmin
  • Pencil: Edit the Artist’s details in Radmin
  • Eyeball: View the Artist’s profile on your site
  • Calendar: View the Artist’s upcoming Events in Radmin (to view past Events, you will need to use the filters in the Approved Events queue)
If you know that the Artist you're looking for is relatively new and may not have played any shows in the Network before, you can add them by clicking the "New Artist" button in the top right of the page and filling out the relevant details.

Artist Details

When you click on an Artist’s name or magnifying glass, you will be taken to that Artist’s details page in Radmin.

Here you will see all the info that goes into their profile page on the front-end, including bio, cover image, social media IDs, and any custom CSS on the page. Remember, Artist profile content is the same for every site across the DoStuff Network. If you make any edits, keep in mind that it will affect every other metro, ECP, and festival in the Network.

In the top right corner of the Artist details page, you will also see the ever-present cog icon signifying a quick-access menu. By clicking on the cog, you can easily view the Artist’s profile on your site or access their upcoming Events in Radmin.

Want more?

Want to learn more about editing Artist pages? Click here to learn about Media Searches and adding photos and videos to an Artist's profile page.