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Targeting Ads On Lenses & ECPs

What Is Ad Targeting?

Before Radmin, any ad that was running on your main site it would also run on every one of your ECP, Metro, and Conference Lenses. Period. The only way to get around it was to hack together some CSS to hide a certain ad or display another.

Now, you can control exactly which properties a particular ad is displayed on directly from Radmin. If there's a certain Featured Event ad an ECP partner requested you removed from their site, you can now remove it from that property (and that property only). Or, if you want to display a completely different set of brand ads on one of your Lenses, you can do that too.

How Ad Targeting Works

By default, ads are set to appear on all metro propertiesincluding all Lenses and ECPs. When viewing an ad's details page in Radmin, you can view "Properties Attached To" to see where an ad is currently targeted. If you make no edits to an ad's targeting settings, this list should include every property under your metro.

To change the properties a particular ad is displayed on, click to edit the ad's details page and look for the "Targeting" drop-down at the bottom of the page. When creating a new ad, this same drop-down is visible at the bottom of the New Ad form (see below).

In this drop-down you can select or deselect any metro property to edit where the ad will be displayed.

Targeting & Ad Weights

While Featured Event ads are easy enough -- you just check the box for the properties they should appear on and move on -- brand ads are a bit trickier. With these new targeting features, managing the weights for each brand ad space is a little more complex. But fear not.

The primary rule of thumb is to just weigh everything the way you want them to appear on your main site.

If you choose not to run an ad on a certain Lens, the remaining ads will adjust proportionally -- nothing else required from you. If it's an ad that will only run on a Lens and not the main metro site, just deselect that main metro property and set the weight to how often you want it to run on the Lens(es).

Confused? Here's the math

NOTE: You should NEVER enter '0' or '100' as ad weights. Setting a brand ad on a Lens to 100 will pause all other ads across your metro. If you want a brand ad to be the only ad to appear on a Lens, pause all other ads or remove them from the Lens. It doesn't matter what the remaining ad's weight is, it will be the only ad that appears. 

Want More?

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