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New Featured Venue Ad

What is a Featured Venue Ad?

Featured Venue ads promote your partner Venues and their shows on a rolling basis across your site. Unlike Featured Event ads, these are typically sold as part of a long-term packaged deal. Although that doesn't mean that a Featured Venue shouldn't also be promoting their Events in the Featured Event section. Usually both are part of a successful advertising package for big Venues and promoters.

Featured Venue ads can also be sold to promoters that may have shows across multiple venue locations. Do512 has a Featured Venue deal with C3 Presents for all their shows in Austin, while other cities have negotiated Featured Venue deals with ballet companies and symphony orchestras.

Featured Venue ads are displayed in two places on your site. First, the names of the Featured Venues and Users will be displayed in a drop-down in the Navigation bar at the top of the daily listings page. Second, a more expanded Featured Venue widget is displayed in the Featured Stuff section at the bottom of every page.

New Featured Venue Ad

To create a new Featured Venue ad, click the "New Ad" button on the main Advertising page and select "Featured Venue/User". Click "Next" and you'll be taken to a form that looks like this:

Here's what to add in each field:
  • Advertiser: Start typing the name of the Advertiser this ad is for. If you've already run a campaign with this advertiser, you'll see their name appear in the list of suggestions. If not click "add new advertiser" to create a new Advertiser profile.
    • BEWARE: Try to avoid creating duplicate Advertiser profiles. This will create headaches for ad reporting later on. If you don't see the Advertiser the first time, try different variations on the name to make sure a profile doesn't already exist.
  • Campaign: In addition to an Advertiser, every ad must be linked to a Campaign. This is to ensure you can find the correct ads later on when you're generating ad reports. If an Advertiser is running multiple ads as part of a single campaign, be sure to link them all here.
  • User: If you are creating a Featured Venue ad that's attached to User (e.g. promoter, art collective, etc.), add the email address for the corresponding User account
    • Note: If you enter an email address here, the Venue field will be blocked. Although there is a star next to each, only one is required.
  • Venue: If you are creating a Featured Venue ad that's attached to Venue, start typing the name here and select the Venue you want to add.
    • Note: If you enter a Venue here, the User field will be blocked. Although there is a star next to each, only one is required.
Hit "Create" and then check your site to view the Featured Venue (if it's active, of course).

Don't see your newly created Featured Venue on the frontend? Bust the Featured Venues cache.

Whenever you make changes to an existing or create a new Featured Venue in Radmin, you will need to bust your site's Featured Venue cache in order for those changes to immediately go live on the website.  To do so, navigate to the Caches page found under Advanced on the left sidebar of Radmin, then click Featured Venues.

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