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New Brand Ad

What is a Brand Ad?

Brand ads describe three different ad locations on your site: the top right ad, the middle listings ad, and the leaderboard ad. These are the most visible—and most valuable—ads you have in your inventory and should be reserved for brands that want to pay top dollar to promote themselves on your site.

Each location has benefits that should be communicated to your brand partners:
  • Top Right Ad: Currently the most popular brand ad location. It displays on every page in the right-hand margin. On mobile, however, it appears at the very bottom of the page in the Featured Stuff section.
  • Middle Listings Ad: Resembling the size and shape of an Event card, these ads appear natively within all Event listing pages (currently in the 5th and 15th spots). Although these don't appear anywhere on Article pages, they're the most visible ads on mobile.
  • Leaderboard Ad: Leaderboard ads appear at the top of all pages. Although they're popular with advertisers because of their visibility, they're the least integrated with our website design. Also, they do not appear on mobile.


When you have excess inventory in these locations, you should also feel free to use them to promote content on your site or links to your social accounts. If no one is paying you to put their brand there, you can use that prime location to build up your own brand!

New Brand Ad

To create a new brand ad, click the "New Ad" button on the main Advertising page and select the location you want from the drop-down. Click "Next" and you'll be taken to a form that looks like this:

Here's what to add in each field:
  • Advertiser: Start typing the name of the Advertiser this ad is for. If you've already run a campaign with this advertiser, you'll see their name appear in the list of suggestions. If not click "add new advertiser" to create a new Advertiser profile.
    • BEWARE: Try to avoid creating duplicate Advertiser profiles. This will create headaches for ad reporting later on. If you don't see the Advertiser the first time, try different variations on the name to make sure a profile doesn't already exist.
  • Campaign: In addition to an Advertiser, every ad must be linked to a Campaign. This is to ensure you can find the correct ads later on when you're generating ad reports. If an Advertiser is running multiple ads as part of a single campaign, be sure to link them all here.
  • Start Date: When should this ad start running?
  • End Date: When should this ad be put on pause?
  • Weight: How many times out of 100 page views should this ad be displayed? Just use a positive integer, no need for a % sign.
    • For more on how ad weights are calculated, click here.
  • Type: Are you just uploading an image or dropping in HTML?
  • Image: If this is an image-based ad, upload the ad here as a JPG, PNG, or GIF file. For ad specs and file size limitations, click here.
  • Destination URL: If this is an image-based ad, where does the ad take you to?
  • HTML: If this is an HTML-based ad, drop your entire bit of code here
Hit "Create" and then check your site to view the ad (if it's active, of course).

Don't see your newly created Brand Ad on the frontend? Bust the Brand Ad cache.

Whenever you make changes to an existing or create a new Brand Ad in Radmin, you will need to bust your site's Brand Ads cache in order for those changes to immediately go live on the website.  To do so, navigate to the Caches page found under Advanced on the left sidebar of Radmin, then click Brand Ads.

Want More?

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