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Advertising Tab

What is the Advertising Tab?

When you first click on the Advertising tab in Radmin, you will see a queue of all the ads currently active on your site. Your Featured Event ads, all your various brand ads, and your Featured Venue ads will all be displayed.

From this queue you can easily make edits to ad creative, adjust campaign settings, generate ad reports, and choose which Lenses and ECPs the ad will be displayed on. You can also filter ads by advertiser or campaign and search for past ads.

Navigating the Advertising Page

By default the Advertising page is sorted by ad type, with the most recently added ads appearing first. By clicking on the columns, you can also sort by Campaign Name, Start Date, and End Date. In addition to an ad's position and scheduled dates, you can quickly view its current weight and number of impressions relative to your target.

To the right of each listing, you will see the following icons related to that ad:
  • Magnifying glass: View the ad's details page in Radmin
  • Pencil: Edit the ad's settings or creative assets in Radmin
  • Pause/Play button: Set the ad as inactive/active (respectively)
  • Chart: Generate an ad report for that campaign


By clicking on the filters drop-down, you can search for ads by the Advertiser name, ad location, ad name, or by property. You can also check "include inactive" to view past ads in your results.

Ad Details

Clicking on any ad's name or magnifying glass icon will take you to the ad details page. This is where you can view the current settings for an ad, including impression goal, weight, destination URL (if applicable), and the properties the ad is currently attached to.

To adjust any of the ad details -- including the ad image or HTML code -- click the "Edit" at the bottom of the details page.

Want More?

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