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What is the Caches Tab?

The Caches tab is where you find the emergency cache clearing buttons for making urgent updates to your site. 

A cache just refers to a mechanism in network architecture that temporarily stores copies of a website, or parts of a website, instead of throwing everything out and reloading it each time you click on a new page. When parts of a website get updated, you may not see the changes right away because you are viewing cached versions of the site.

Because of this, when you make design changes to parts of your site that tend to get cached (e.g. header and footer design, widget content), the changes may not appear on the web for minutes -- if not more.

Clearing Caches

The following buttons can be used to force immediate changes to various parts of your site. Please report any usage to Support (in email or Slack) so we can keep an eye out for any abnormal activity.

  • Header: Clear the cache for the header portion of your site
  • Footer: Clear the cache for the footer portion of your site
  • Featured Events: Clear the cache for the Featured Event ads on the side of your site
  • Featured Venues: Clear the cache for the Featured Venues drop-down on your site
  • Property: Use with care. "Touching" your property clears caches across the entire site.

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