From Events to Advertising to Site Design, Radmin is the do-it-all control center for managing the most important parts of your site. Check out each of the sections below for help on how to get the most out of Radmin.

Intro to Radmin

  • What is Radmin? Who is Radmin? Why is Radmin?

  • A useful chart of understanding your city in the same way that our content management system does.

  • The Dashboard is your real-time overview of the most important metrics for your metro.

  • Events are the core of what we do. The Events tab is where you approve new Events, view and edit existing Events, manage duplicate Events, manage Scrapers, and more.

  • The Artists tab in Radmin is where you search and manage all the bands, comedians, and other performers that appear on your site.

  • The Venues tab in Radmin is where you search and manage all the Venues on your site.

  • The People tab is where you can search profiles and manage Permissions for Users, Tastemakers, Promo Users (a.k.a. Lists), and more.

  • The Advertising tab in Radmin is where you can view and manage all the ads on your site, including brand ads, Featured Event ads, and Featured Venue ads.
  • These are tricky and often confused with one another. 

  • Radmin allows you to build and launch Lenses completely independent of DoStuff Support. Learn about creating Lenses -- including ECPs -- in Radmin using the Lenses tab.

Site Design

  • The Site Design tab in Radmin is where you can edit the look of your site, inject extra code, and manage assets.

  • The Content tab in Radmin is where you can add and manage content on your site, including Shortcuts, important links, and Pages.

  • Busting caches, touching properties -- this is the tab in Radmin where things start getting hot and heavy.