Unmatched Venues List

I. Introduction

Your Unmatched Venues List gathers the names of all venues that have been scraped without matching to a venue currently in your database.  Common examples of unmatched venues include venue names that can have easily mistaken spellings (theatre vs. theater) or venues that don't yet exist in your database.  Addressing your Unmatched Venues List will make going through your comment queue more efficient, help prevent user-created dupes, and build up your venue database.

II. Management

Step 1: Go to your Unmatched Venues List linked in the sidebar of your Venues page in Admin

Step 2: In the field next to a scraped venue, begin typing the name of the venue that may actually exist in your database.

Step 3: If there is a match, select that venue and click "Match"

-BUT- If there is NO match, you can either "Create New Venue" or select to "Ignore" because it is not one you want to feature in your database.

Step 4: Work through the list avoiding duplicates.

Step 5: When you have tackled all new/relevant entries, you can select to "Flush" the queue in the sidebar so that it clears the duplicates in the list.

III. What This Does

When you "Match" scraped venue names to venues in your database, it creates an Alias so that every time that slightly different name is scraped, it matches automatically to the appropriate venue.  The more you address this list, the smaller it will be become and the quicker you will be able to approve comments!