Comments Queue

I. Introduction

  • Your scraped comments queue is the list of comments that need your approval to be matched and attached to a live event.

  • Similar to event scrapers, comment scrapers pull information from other sites that are associated with a user.

  • Comments serve 3 purposes:

    • To add editorial content that lends to the voice of your site and gives the user more information

    • To cause the associated user to vote on an event and so give the event a higher ranking, especially if the user is a Tastemaker

    • To alert you of unknown events/venues that may be important to add to your site

  • Managing your scraped comments is an important part of curating your site’s content.


Step 1: Under the “Advanced” tab in Admin, click on the “Comments” tab at the far right.

Step 2: The default view is those comments that have already been approved.  You want to click “View Scraped Comments” in the sidebar for those that need approval.

Step 3: Click "Edit" to the far right of the comment you want to check.

Step 4: You need to check 3 fields: venue, event, and comment text.  

Step 5: If the venue and event are matched and the comment text edited, click “Update” at the bottom of the page.

-OR- If the comment is old, you can “Skip and delete.”

-OR- If the comment is unmatched and unimportant to your site, you can “Skip and delete.”

-OR- If there is currently no match but you want to investigate further or create one later, you can simply “Skip.”

Note: “Vote” should always be checked so the associated user votes on the event.

III. Matching

Step 1:  If a comment is unmatched, check the potential reasons as to why at the top of the page.  These reasons include the scraper being unable to identify a venue or find the event for the comment.

Step 2: Match the venue first by checking the comment field for the venue and typing its name in the “Venue” field.  This will autofill with options from your database from which you can select.

-OR- If there is no existing match, click “Create a new one” and enter the new venue title in the modal box.  

Step 3: Once the comment is matched to a venue, events at that venue will appear from which you can select a match.

-OR- If there is no existing match, click “Create a new event” and a modal box similar to the new event creation page will appear where you can fill all fields with the info found in the comment.

*ERASE the comment in the description field (there to show info but not to leave as a description).    

IV. Editing Text

Check the text of the comment as it will almost always require you to edit.

  • Scenario 1: If the comment text includes the event information and URL of the comment but no additional review, erase all of it and approve. 

              *The purpose of this comment without text is to still capture the vote.
  • Scenario 2: If the comment includes a review, erase all repeated event information and the majority of the review.  Leave a few lines of the review and the link to the comment site.

*This link gives credit to the comment writer and allows the user to continue reading.     

V. Troubleshooting

  • Recognize a recurring issue as one caused by consistently mismatched venues, missing events, and a comment field that isn’t populating with easy to edit text.
  • For consistently mismatched venues, you should refer to your unmatched venues list, which creates venue aliases. Ideally, this list should be checked before addressing the comments queue.
  • For missing events, determine if this may be caused by a need for more event scrapers.
  • Similar to a fix for event scrapers, you can refer to this article for requesting scraper fixes to request a fix for the way a comment scraper pulls in the comment text.