Product Status

What projects are our developers working on right now?
  • The Festival Platform
    • We're working on improving our web and mobile app festival solutions in anticipation of the coming festival season.
  • Data Warehouse & ETL Pipeline
    • We're developing an internal solution for viewing and exporting user data.¬†
    • The goals with this project are to better understand what user¬†behavior leads to retention and engagement over time and give our national and local sales teams the ability to sell targeted messaging segments off of the data we collect.
  • App Re-Write
    • We're currently re-writing much of the app to make it less buggy, more receptive to testing and easier to troubleshoot.
What are our developers working on next?
  • Mobile Analytics Overhaul
    • Establishing reliable analytics in the mobile apps.
What bugs are we aware of and working on?
  • Clicking a Featured Event ad in the mobile app opens the event in your browser, not in the app.
  • Pending and duplicate events are surfacing in the "Target" search for new Feed items in Radmin.
  • We accidentally rolled out an auto-expanded giveaway form test to the entire network.
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