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Product Update: New App (June 2017)

We're moving into the testing phase of the new iOS app, and we're super excited to have it in your hands. 
  • If you've already signed up to be an iOS tester, you'll receive an invitation to download the new build this week.
  • If you're not already an iOS tester and would like to be, please hit up Support and we'll get you added.
  • If you're unsure if you're a tester or not, please reach out to Support and we'll let you know.
This app is faster, cleaner, more stable and better architected than any of our previous versions. We've also overhauled its UI to make it more helpful for finding events. Here are some of the biggest changes and our rationale for implementing them:

The category shortcut filters are featured in the center of the home screen.

One of the main takeaways from our focus groups was that users wanted more personalization within the event listings and an easier way to filter by type of event. So, we placed the category shortcuts at the start of the event discovery process. Users will also still be able to change category from any day's listings page as before.

A note that we're putting the finishing touches on the feature to let metros select the icons for these shortcuts. That will be ready very soon.

Time Bands

The new app gives users the ability to see events over a date range. This has been a widely-requested feature throughout our product's history, and we're excited to be able to offer it. Users will still be able to see events on a certain day as before, but will now be able to see events this week (Monday / current day through Thursday), this weekend (Friday / current day through Sunday), next week (Monday through Thursday) and next weekend (Friday through Sunday).

The implementation of this feature was inspired by Facebook's Events app and should better address the ways in which users seek out events.

There is a clickable map view inside of event pages

The purpose of this is to give users more context about where the event actually is. Going back to the focus groups, another takeaway was that location is extremely important: users wanted to know if an event was near them and if it wasn't, if it was close to available public transportation, easy parking, etc. We'll be adding even more map functionality to the app over the next few builds, to better assist users with finding events near them.

If you encounter a venue not displaying within an event page, please reach out to Support and we'll adjust the venue's lat and long coordinates to display properly in the app.

Visual Overhaul

We're purposefully using a lot of negative space in the app to draw attention to the most important information. 

Going back to the focus groups, some feedback that we heard in all three cities was that we devote a lot of real estate within our listings to pictures and information that aren't related to the primary qualities of an event that users need to know (price, type, location, timing, etc) before attending. With that in mind, we've cleaned up the app to better direct users' focuses to the places that matter.

What We're Leaving Out

As you begin using the new app, you may notice that certain features are not yet implemented, such as the map view for event discovery. Please know that view is coming very soon; we're currently working on polishing this feature into the best possible user experience and ensuring that it works correctly with the new time bands (this weekend, next week, etc). Because it is so important, we wanted to make sure we did it right.

Expect More Builds Shortly After This One

We're planning to release a few new builds of the app in more immediate succession after this one to both fix bugs that were surfaced with this release and also to finish implementing all of the features that we deemed necessary for this app to feel complete. 

As always, if you have any questions about the app, our development process, or our products in general, please reach out to Support!