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Product Update: Up-Vote Buttons, New Navigation, Improved 'Pick Winners' Screens (12/12/2016)

Our Product Updates give you a rundown of all the features and bug fixes that are being deployed. Here's what's up:

Up-Vote Buttons

One of our long-term goals is to make it more clear to users how events are ranked on our platform - and how their interaction impacts those rankings. To those ends, we conducted a test this fall on Do312, Do317, doNYC and Do214 where 50% of their users saw an experimental 'up-vote' button as opposed to the traditional 'Add' button on event pages and event listings pages.

These up-vote buttons displayed the popularity of their respective events - a stat that was not previously shown on the front end. The up-vote buttons had all the same features as the add buttons (and clicking up-vote still added the event to your profile) and also updated their popularity displays in real-time when clicked.

The results of the test were striking and strongly supported the implementation of the up-vote button. Head-to-head, 37% more users clicked the up-vote than the add button, while interaction on the other CTAs remained constant. Sign-ins also increased by 66% and registrations via the button 37% for the up-vote variation. Even bounce rate was lower for the up-vote variation.

So, we're going to roll the up-vote button out to the entire network early this week. We're proud to be taking more steps towards making the platform more engaging and easier for our users to understand - and we'll have much more coming soon.

In the meantime, there are likely a few places on your site (such as your 'About' pages) where an 'Add' button is referenced. We'll be working with you throughout the week to make sure all of those references are updated accordingly once the new button is rolled out.

New Navigation Bars

Have you checked out the new nav on DoTheBay, Do816 or Do416 yet? Is this the first you're hearing of the new nav? ICYMI, we've built a new nav for our websites that:

  • gives you (the metro) more control over what you highlight
  • loads more quickly than the old one
  • looks significantly better on mobile
  • lets users more easily find the content they're looking for
    • This includes letting you have different custom nav links for your lenses.

Oh la la, look at that nav on mobile:

We'll be rolling the new nav out to the rest of the network very soon. Stay tuned for more information on that.

New 'Pick Winners' Screens

Also coming this week: We're rebuilt your giveaway Pick Winners screens to serve three ends:

  • Make them faster.

  • Give you more control over what you export.

  • Keep both 'Winners' and 'Confirmed' users at the top of the screens.

While a lot has changed on the backend, not a lot will be noticeably different to a Radmin user's view - except the following:

  • The screens will load more quickly - up to 10x more quickly, in fact.

  • In addition to Opt-Ins and Votes, you can now export all of your 'Winners' into a CSV.

    • This should be extremely helpful when selecting more than a few winners or papering a show.

  • You'll find all of your users marked with either the 'Winner' or 'Confirmed' checkbox at the top of your screen whenever you load or refresh the page.

While the new screens won't be available until this week, you'll notice that the 'Export Winners' functionality is available now. Just click the 'Exports' button on your Pick Winners screens to get started with that.

Tip Of The Week

Did you know that you can export the screen data from Radmin into a .CSV at any time?

We're mentioning this now because, lately, metros have had so many giveaways that it's hard to keep them all straight - and even harder to make sure you've mentioned all of the good ones in your emails and social media.

We've been recommending the following trick to help you out - using giveaways and email mentions as an example of what you can do when pairing Radmin Exports with Asana:

  • Go to your 'View All Giveaways' page in Radmin. Make sure it's sorted by date.

  • Click the Export button at the bottom of the page. A .CSV will download immediately.

  • Open that CSV in Google Sheets.

  • Drag the event title column over so that it's the first on the left.

  • Drag the date column so it's the second one on the left.

  • While highlighting the date column, click the 'number formatting' tool and select "MM/DD" as the format for your dates - like so:

  • ​Delete all the other columns aside for Event Title and Date.

  • (Keep Google Sheets open and) Open your Asana.

  • Start a new Asana project called something to the effect of "DoXYZ Giveaways x Email Mentions".

  • Copy the first and second columns of your Google Sheet.

  • Click into your project's task list and click paste to add in the columns from your Google Sheet.

If you did that right, the Asana project should look like this:

    • ​Next, delete all the unwanted tasks and any lame giveaways that you don't want to mention in your emails.

    • Batch assign the entire task list to yourself.

    • Go down the list and set a due date for each task of the week day before the show date for each event.

    • Make duplicates (and triplicates, when you feel it) of tasks for events you want to mention in your emails more than once.

    • Spread out extra mentions to give your best giveaways some love over a long period of time.

    • Set a repeating Asana task to update this list every week.

    • To update the list, you'll use the same method as above - but delete all the rows from the Google Sheet that have giveaways which are already in the Asana project.

    The resulting project looks like this:

    ... and should be a super helpful way to organize your giveaway mentions in your emails and social media.

    You can use this method and apply it to any information that's in Radmin and needs to be organized in Asana to maximize your metro's engagement opportunities.