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Product Update: Customizing Nav Links In Radmin, Letting Event Editors Edit Artist Pages & More

Last week, our developers took a break from working on the new festival platform to knock out some bug fixes and quick features. Here's what's new on our platform as of today:

Metros can edit their Main Nav links in Radmin.

These links are controlled in Radmin -> Content -> Words; metros can add up to four custom links.

Please note that all Main Nav links must begin with a "/". They must point to a URL that begins with '' - but please do not include the '' when adding your link. For example, if you wanted to link to '' then you would want to put '/p/where-to-get-weed-in-seattle' in the URL field of this form.

Once you're done adding your links, please click 'Save' and then go to 'Advanced -> Caches' to bust your 'Header' cache so that your changes display right away.

You can view the performance of your existing links in Google Analytics by visiting Google Analytics -> Behavior -> Events -> Top Events -> Main_Nav -> Featured_Link. Please reach out to Support if you'd like any help accessing that info.

If you're unsure if a link will work in your main nav, please reach out to Support before adding it. Metros may not link to lenses, alternate subdomains or app download pages via the Main Nav; those links are for the Top Nav only.

Please note that metros may not edit their Top Nav links at this time; please hit up Support if you'd like those changed.


Event Editors (and Managers) can edit artist pages on the front end.

This was a widely-requested feature that we were very excited to implement, as it will enhance metros' abilities to work more closely with artists to ensure their content is up to date. It will also increase the efficiency of metro content teams, since we'll be able to add and edit artist info directly from the front end.

This feature respects the 'Locked' option on band pages in Radmin, so if you require an artist page to maintain certain info or assets (such as a metro-created video), then please lock the page to prevent front end editing.

If a user (or band) requests the ability to edit artist pages, please give the user(s) the 'Event Editor' permission, as all Event Editors are now Artist Editors and vice versa.


Bug Squashing: We fixed a few issues with scrapers and more.

Many metros (including Do312 and Do317) were experiencing an issue where events were appearing in Clean Scrapes but never making their way to the queues. The reason for this was that these events had an invalid artist, venue, or category, which was causing the scrape event import to fail. 

We're modified the importing system to press on despite such an error, which will solve the overall issue. However, this means that it's now more important than ever to check through your pending events to make sure that all relevant artists are tagged on each event, as an invalid artist will be skipped while the event is imported and will need to be tagged manually in the queues.

We also fixed an issue where pending events were displaying among the 'Upcoming' events on desktop category shortcuts. Cheers to team Do503 for noticing that one.

And we believe we have solved an issue where brand ad weights on DoTheBay and Do312 were occasionally resetting to zero.


We're rolled out artist-follow opt-ins to all giveaway and RSVP pages.

This feature began as a growth test; Since show announcement emails perform so well across the network (and because they were identified as such a helpful tool in our focus groups), we want to do everything we can to help users follow the artists they love on our sites.

We tested implementing an opt-in box that appeared on giveaway entry forms for all events that had less than 6 artists. Checking it automatically follows all the events' artists when the user enters / RSVPs:

During the 6 weeks that this test was live, users kept the opt-in box checked 70% of the time when completing the form - and most importantly, we saw a 30% increase in show announcement email opens compared to the time prior to the feature going live, even when controlling for seasonality. 


We've made all giveaway referrals symbiotic.

This was another feature that came out of a growth test: We theorized that giveaway referrals would increase if we gave both the original entrant and the referred entrant an extra entry (as opposed to just the referred entrant, as it was previously).

This hypothesis was confirmed in testing: we saw a 9% increase in the conversion of people sharing the giveaway with their friends with 99% confidence. 

There's nothing that metros need to do now that this feature is live; we'll be updating everyone's giveaway confirmation template today to include the new language.


Tip of the Week

We've recently seen an uptick of image complaints from across our network. A couple things to review there:
  • In order for an image to be used on our sites, it either needs to be publicly available or cleared for use.
    • Examples of acceptable images can be found on artist, venue and promoter's websites, press kits and social media. You should avoid using Google image search whenever possible, as doing so will frequently surface images not cleared for public use.
    • When searching for an artist image, we recommend the following first three steps:
      • Google (Artist Name) press photos.
      • Go to the artist's Facebook and pull the most recent profile or cover photo.
      • Go to the ticketing / event page.
    • If you're ever unsure if an image is appropriate to use, please reach out to Support before including.
  • If you do receive an email with a complaint about an image that you've used, please do not respond. Instead, please replace the image and contact Support. We'll guide you from there.

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