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Product Update: Auto-Follow Lists of Bands, Filter Dupes By Date, New Project Details (3/23/2016)

Auto-Follow A List Of Bands

We can now make a user follow a list of artists in a matter of seconds.

Just send your list in a one column spreadsheet - plus the user's ID - to We'll run this new script on your list and send you back the results.

A note that no new bands will be created during this process - so if the script does not find a match in our system for a particular band, it will note that in the results so that you can manually address if desired.

This should be especially helpful in setting up new ECPs and Tastemaker accounts.

Do Today's Dupes

By popular request at the Summit: You can now filter the dupes queue by begin date.

Post-Giveaway & RSVP Links

We've added a set of recommended links that surface after a user enters a giveaway or RSVP.

You can edit these links in Radmin -> Content -> Words.

Please double-check your links after adding - and please note that you may not link to lenses in these fields - so if you want to link to a user-driven lense such as '', you will have to link to the '' user instead. You can, however, link to App Download screens.

We'll be iterating on these links and adding further enhancements at a later date.

'Last Updated By' Stamps

We've added 'Last Updated By' stamps to Radmin event pages.

These stamps display the last person who has made an edit to the event. Please note that such an edit could take place in Radmin or on the front end - and does include edits to descriptions.

This should help you keep better track of who is making undesired edits to your events - and assess which interns are your best event editors.

Event Keywords

Rhapsody is co-presenting a show - but they're not included in the event's title or topline. How do you ensure that the event surfaces in a search for 'Rhapsody' on your site?

The answer is that you can now add search keywords to events in Radmin.

Quick Fixes

We squashed a bug that was preventing metros from editing the names of Advertisers in Radmin.

We've ensured that partners' UTM codes will be properly registered in our 'Export Votes' files - so that you can track how many entrants each of your partners has contributed when running a flyaway promotion.

We've ensured that /p pages and lists do not surface in ECP search.

We've removed the word 'weekly' from the 'Send me emails...' checkbox on user profiles - since so many metros are now sending daily emails.

What are our developers working on?

1. Feed Project

We've made lots of progress on the personal feed project since our last update. Soon, a 'Feed' tab will be added to our mobile apps to display both Latest posts as well as new events by artists, places and people that you follow.

Along with this change, our apps will have an overhauled 'Discover' tab that is better organized and will include the original 'Search' tab alongside more visible categories and featured places. We're in the testing phase now for these features - but they will be rolled out in the iOS app first (~mid April) and will be followed soon after by Android and an integration for web.

2. New User Onboarding

We're also wrapping up the final stages of work for our new user onboarding flow. New users will soon experience a cleaner and clearer step-by-step account creation process including the ability to sync their likes and follows from Spotify and Facebook. Timing is mid-April for web, followed soon after by iOS and Android.

3. Main navigation updates

Along with the new user onboarding changes, it made sense to make some improvements to the top navigation on web. We'll be surfacing "Register" and "Login" buttons at the top right of our navigation to make them easy to find.

Once logged in, all related user profile pages will be easily accessible in a clear account profile button. These changes will really make a huge improvement on making it easy for both new users to create accounts and existing users to gain the full benefits of interacting with our site.

Tip of the Week

Our DoStuff intern army has been spending a lot of time updating empty and/or outdated artist pages. Feel free to send the names of any local labels, festivals, or any other collections of bands that you'd like cleaned up!