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Product Update: August 16, 2017

New iOS App Build

A new build of the iOS app is entering testing mode today. As per usual with iOS testing:
  • If you've already signed up to be an iOS tester, you'll receive an invitation to download the new build automatically.
  • If you're not already an iOS tester and would like to be, please hit up Support and we'll get you added.
  • If you're unsure if you're a tester or not, please reach out to Support and we'll let you know.
The biggest addition to the new app build is the return of the map view, which we had pulled out of the app to redo in a better fashion than before.

Other new updates and fixes include:
  • If you're signed into one metro and then navigate to another metro for which you do not already have an account, you are asked if you would like to receive email updates from that metro. Previous builds of the app signed you up for the new metro automatically.
  • We updated events on user lists to be full cards (instead of boxes).
  • We fixed issues with:
    • profiles not refreshing properly when logging in and out.
    • capitalization on event cards
    • repeating feed items
    • feed items taking you to the wrong place
    • creating new accounts that would sometimes lead to crashes
  • We also made some improvements to the Feed's user interface.

Requests from the DSD Queue

We've implemented the following requests from the DSD Queue:

1. We've ensured that middle listings ads show up on lenses even if there are less than 4 events happening on a given day.

They previously only appeared on lenses if there were more than 4 events within a given date grouping.
2. We've added ticket info to the listings cards for all ECPs.
This originally was a request by our Do617 team for their Crossroads ECP, but we've added this information to the listings cards on all of ECPs because our focus groups identified price as a core factor in how users decide whether or not to attend events. We'll be looking into more ways we can better surface price, and allow your users to filter events by price, very soon.
If any of your ECP partners do not want this info displayed, please let us know and we can hide it on their calendar.

3. By popular request, we've changed the language on the front end 'add event' form from "Want to promote this event?" to "Interested in advertising this event?" to be more direct.

4. We've displayed Giveaway 'Notes' at the bottom of 'Notify Winners' screens:

This was a request so that metro team members could leave notes for each other inside of ticket giveaway Pick Winners screens. Those notes will now be seen in both the Notify Winners and Notify Venue modals.

Tip of the Week

This one comes to us from Kyle Gorry of doNYC: Did you know that you can still update the headers and subheaders of your Facebook posts if you save your posts as drafts before publishing?

To do so, save your post as a draft:

Select the draft:

And then edit the desired draft to your liking before posting / scheduling:

We highly recommend using this method when publishing any of your metro's Facebook posts that aren't part of national programs. 

Since we're not sure when Facebook will take this capability away, we ask that you proceed with all posts related to national programs in the same way we have been, by sending us your copy and having us create the posts from HQ (see Sara's August 2nd email for more info there).

Thanks so much for reading! We love you all!