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Product Update - New User Onboarding Flows, Spotify Syncing & Changes To The Nav (4/13/2016)

Changes To The Nav

We are modifying each site's top navigation bar to expose the 'Register' and 'Sign In' buttons.

Once these changes are made, clicking 'Latest' will take you directly to There will no longer be a Latest dropdown menu. The reasons for this are two-fold:

  • A very small percentage of users ever clicked on it.

  • We needed to remove it to pave the way for another one of our large projects, The Feed (much more on that coming soon).

Hovering over 'My Profile' (once logged in) will reveal the following menu for Managers:

And here's how it will look for regular users:

In addition to being an improvement on our existing presentation of these elements, these changes were also necessary to pave the way for our new user onboarding flow.

New User Onboarding

Once these changes are rolled out, when users click the 'Register' button, they will entered into our new user onboarding flow.

They will begin the process by signing up on this screen:

After signing up, they will be invited to sync their Facebook and Spotify accounts to be notified when new shows are announced by artists they follow (as well as receive alerts about venues adding shows once the feed is introduced).

This is going to really move the meter for how many band notification emails users receive - and consequently, how engaged they are with the sites. (Did you know that band notification emails are averaging a 16.9% open rate and 3.9% click rate across the network?)

When users connect with Facebook, we will automatically follow all of the artists and venues that they like. When users connect with Spotify, we will follow all of the artists whom they follow - as well as all the artists featured on their saved music (playlists, albums and songs).

If users are not interested in connecting accounts, they can skip this step by clicking the 'Next' button - or can exit the onboarding process by clicking out of the onboarding modal.

A note that the 'Connect' step will also be available on conference and metro lenses, but not ECPs.

After completing this step, users will be brought to the final stage of the onboarding flow, where they'll be invited to add your site's three most popular events over the next four weeks to their calendars.

The 'See Everything' button will bring the user to the site's homepage, making the onboarding complete.

Please also note that this is just version 1 of the new onboarding experience - and we'll be testing more new features, including additional accounts to sync and a more direct and informative welcome email process, in the coming months.

Onboarding For Contest Users

When a new user registers by entering a giveaway or an RSVP, they will also be invited to setup their account:

And will be brought to the 'syncing' portion of the onboarding flow after clicking the 'Setup My Account' button.

More Awesome Stuff

We're introducing metro-specific default 'Notify Winners' templates for giveaways. This should save your giveaway managers a significant amount of time in their working weeks.

To edit your metro's template (once these changes go out), head over to Radmin -> Advanced and follow the instructions above the template about how to properly use the variables.

Please note that any changes that you make to the template will effect all existing giveaways for which winners have not yet been notified. A note that once any winners are notified once for a giveaway, then changes to the metro default template will not effect that giveaway's emails.

We will soon have the ability to write metro-specific rules that apply to all of your scrapers. Want to always exclude 'Sold Out' from your event titles? Want to always change 'At The Door' to 'Doors'? Just let Support know (anytime once these changes go out).

We're updating the dripper system to send thank you emails to all new mobile app users, three days after they first sign in. These thank you emails have proven to be a good source for gathering feedback and collecting positive reviews in the app stores, which improves our searchability and therefore increases downloads.

We're adding an easy way to get Opt-In emails from giveaways in Radmin. This will take the form of a button on the 'Pick Winners' screen. Click the button to have the Opt-Ins emailed to you.

We will soon have the ability to export complete venue data for your metro. This will include most everything you see on the venues' pages in Radmin - for all venues.

Tip Of The Week

Want to spoof our sites into thinking you're a new user? Add a '+' to the portion of your email address directly before the '@' - and then append anything to the '+' to form an address like ''.

This will fool our system into thinking you're a new user - but it won't fool Gmail, so all welcome emails, giveaway confirmation emails, etc will still be delivered to your regular inbox.

It's a great way to test out your confirmation emails and make sure that they look exactly as you wish. Using the formula is highly recommended, so that you never accidentally hit the same email twice.