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Product Update: App-Only Giveaways & Messaging Giveaway Non-Winners (9/27/2016)

App-Only Giveaways

One of the most effective ways that we've found to convert existing users over to app users is by running app-only giveaways. For example, DoLA's Beach Goth giveaway earned their team 841 new installs in just its first week live.

To set up an app-only giveaway:

  • Begin setting up the giveaway in Radmin as normal

  • Within the 'Offer', you'll want to indicate that users need to download the app to enter the giveaway.

    • e.g. - "Enter to win on the DoXYZ App!"

  • Check the 'App Only' box.

  • Save your giveaway to make it live.

  • On the event page, you'll notice that a 'Win In App' button will automatically populate in place of the normal 'Win' button.

  • That button is powered by a branch link - and has the following user experience:

    • Clicking it on desktop brings you to a 'Text to Download' page.

    • Clicking it on mobile (if you have the app) opens the respective app.

    • Clicking it on mobile (if you don't have the app) takes you to the respective app store.

Once in the app, users will be able to find the giveaway by searching for the event or navigating to your Win page. You should also link directly to your app-only giveaway(s) from your app's featured stuff. The best way to do this if you have more than one app-only giveaway is to create a list user that contains all of these offers.

To pick winners for your app-only giveaway, follow the same process as on-site giveaway and use Radmin's Pick Winners tool to email and confirm with the winner(s) over email.

Messaging Giveaway Non-Winners

One of the biggest pieces of feedback we've heard from users is that we don't do an effective enough job closing the loop on giveaways. So, we're building a new feature to:

  • Better close the loop on giveaways

  • Educate users on other upcoming giveaways

  • Drive traffic to our sites

  • Give metros another valuable feature to sell into advertising packages

Here's how the feature will work:

Once you confirm your giveaway winner(s) and are sure that you won't be giving away any more tickets for the event in question, you will have an option of sending a message to users who entered the giveaway that didn't win.

To send this message out:

  • Go to the Pick Winners screen for the giveaway

  • Click the Message Non Winners button

* Important note: These emails will only be delivered to users who are neither a 'winner' nor 'confirmed'. If a user has either of those boxes checked on the Pick Winners screen, they won't get an email. All other users who entered the giveaway (regardless of whether or not you see them on the Pick Winners screen) will receive an email.

** Other important note: You can only send one of these emails ONCE per event. So choose when to send wisely. Messages will not be sent to users who enter the giveaway after the initial message is sent out.

Once you click 'Message Non Winners', you will be brought to this screen - where you will select the template for the email that users will receive:

By default, the Standard Followup Message will look like this...

... but you can modify it at any time.

The three other giveaways that you see referenced in the above example (ComplexCon, Beach Goth V and Desert Daze) are brought into the template via variable tokens - which you can use to automatically pull in your metro's three most popular active giveaways, the same ones you see in the footer of your home page:

If you would prefer to manually set the giveaways that are referenced in the email, that's totally fine. Just make sure you're not sending out giveaways that are no longer active.

Clicking the unsubscribe link in this email will unsubscribe the user from all future 'Message Non-Winners' emails. However, it will not unsubscribe that user from Notify Winners emails, giveaway confirmations, newsletters or band notifications.

Please note that the Standard Followup Template makes explicit reference to the fact that tickets are still available for the event - so if tickets are sold out, you'll want to use a template that does not make such a reference.

Once you select the template you'd like to use and select 'Update', you'll be ready to send the emails out.

Before doing so, you have the option to send a test to yourself to preview the email. You can also 'Update' your changes, then navigate away from this page to send the email later.

Like your giveaway and RSVP confirmation emails, the 'Non-Winners' messages are sent through Mandrill - and the process for selecting a standard or event-specific followup message is exactly the same.

Whenever sending one of these emails (whether standard or event-specific), you'll always want to send a test to yourself and verify that all the information is correct before blasting it out.

Please reach out to Support if you have any questions about this feature once it's live - or if you'd like any guidance when it comes to selling it.