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The 12 Elements of the New DoStuff Email Template

The new email template has 12 sections:
  • Background header image
  • Header logo with optional sponsor logo
  • Intro & Daily Giveaway
  • Just Announced
  • Guide
  • Sponsored
  • What To Do
  • Featured (Calendar / Venue / Event)
  • Bulletin
  • Featured
  • Trivia
  • Unique Sign-Off
Here is information on all of the sections in the order in which they appear:

Background header image
  • 1200x450px
  • Displays at various sizes; focus will be on the center of the image
  • Image should rotate monthly.
  • Should feel gritty, local. 
  • Street art is a great fit. 
  • Nothing touristy. 
  • Should never feel like an ad.
  • Rotated every month.

Header logo with optional sponsor logo

Our goal with the new template was to make it so that local teams could fulfill sponsored headers without involving our HQ design team.

When an email is sponsored, the header displays the city's logo on the left and the sponsor's logo on the right on desktop. On mobile, the logos stack and are centered.  

Cities have the option of featuring sponsored partner logos over a full-color header or a solid black header. (See above for examples of both options.)

Partner Logo specs:
  • Logo file must be designed with a transparent background (.png file)
  • Logo file designed no larger than 300px wide.  If multiple logo versions are available, we suggest using the most horizontally-oriented version so as to not take up too much vertical space.
  • Logo will display at 120px wide by default, but there is a block style setting/variable called "Sponsor Logo Width" that can be changed to accommodate various logo designs. Please do not set sponsor logo width any wider than 200px.
  • By changing the block style setting/variable for "Presented By Image", you can switch between the two "Presented By" text options. Please use whichever works best against the chosen header background image:
    • white background with black text
    • black background with white text 
  • Important Note: the header background image should never be provided by the partner. 
Here are our steps for choosing your header image for a sponsored email:
  • Add the partner's logo over your regular full-color banner image. If it looks great, then awesome! You're done.
  • If it doesn't, then the first step should be to try darkening (or lightening) the banner. This can be accomplished easily via Preview or Canva.
  • If that doesn't work, then you should use an all-black banner.
It's super important to note that Account Managers no longer send email headers to clients to approve before emails go out, so you must make sure your header looks sleek and awesome before sending. 

If there's ever any doubt, it's generally safest to use the solid black header option. And don't hesitate to reach out to Johnny and McKenzie with any questions.

Intro & Daily Giveaway
  • 25 words
  • A short introduction coupled with a giveaway or RSVP.
  • Offer should rotate daily (same giveaway shouldn't repeat within 90 days).
  • Giveaway should be the biggest, raddest giveaway you have on hand.
  • Can be sponsored (noted with *).

Just Announced
  • Show announcements, festival lineup announcements & additions, restaurant and bar openings, etc.
  • 3-5 features per email
  • 20 words for organic features.
  • 35 words for sponsored features (noted with *).
  • The first sponsored feature should be the second feature, the second sponsored feature should be the third feature, etc.

  • Editorial page or user list.
  • Not sponsored.
  • 150 words.
  • 5 inclusions from the guide are listed in bullets (part of our initiative to make our emails meant to be read and not just clicked).
  • Takes a 1200x630px image (displays at 584x307).
Note: this section can be used to feature sponsored content if (and only if) all of the following conditions are met:
  • The piece is one we'd feature anyway, even if it wasn't sponsored.
  • The imagery is 'organic' - free from sponsor logos and one we'd use if the piece wasn't sponsored.
  • We mention the sponsor no more than one time in the section.
  • We refrain from pushing any deals the sponsor is running that aren't directly related to the page's promotion.

  • Sold to national brands and sponsors.
  • 150 words.
  • Takes a 1200x630px image (displays at 584x307).

What To Do
  • A daily feature along the following cadence:
    • Monday: This Week
    • Tuesday: In The Future
    • Wednesday: Whenever
    • Thursday: This Weekend
    • Friday: Tonight
    • Saturday: Today
    • Sunday: Today
  • 5 features per email.
  • 20 words for organic features.
  • 35 words for sponsored features.
  • Monday through Thursday's features link to a /p page with 10 total features.
  • Friday's through Sunday's features link to the site's home page.
  • Sponsored inclusions get a 200x200px image (displays at 110x110px) and appear at the top of the list.
  • Features only get an image if sponsored.

Featured (Calendar / Venue / Event)
  • Used (for the short term) to promote local promoters, businesses, etc.
  • Can be a featured venue, featured calendar (for promoters), featured event, or a business' deals.
  • Top image for venues and calendars: 1200x160px (displays at 584x78px)
  • Square image (used for venues and calendars): 500x500px (displays at 250x250px).
    • Please use a 'Featured' sized image (580 x 640) for events.

Locals Only:
  • Local news updates that affect the arts community including public transportation updates
  • Ways to make your community a better place: fundraisers, volunteer opportunities, local elections, etc
  • Local business openings, announcements, deals, etc
  • In many ways, this section is the younger sibling to Just Announced.
  • 2-4 features per email.
  • 20 words for organic features.
  • 35 words for sponsored features (noted with an *).

  • Featured ads
  • 4 per email
  • 580x640px (displays at 285x314px)

  • Our own version of bar trivia.
  • All local questions relating to the scene.
  • Can be sponsored.
  • Optional image: 1200x630px (displays at 584x307)
  • Each question has 4 multiple choices.
  • We track scores each month (no prizes though, only bragging rights).

Unique Sign-Off
  • Song lyrics, esoteric references to the local scene, etc. 
  • Changes every email.
  • Something cool, local, human, funny.
  • Goal is to get users to scan down to see what we ran with each day.